Forum Member of the Week - 17: Xiejra

Anytime sir. I enjoy helping people become better. That’s the main reason I have my YouTube channel. One day I will make a living out of teaching people how to produce music and or how to get better. So you are very welcome. You won’t improve if u don’t make mistakes. Takes time and perostsnce to become really good.


I really like glowy; the way it starts of and establishes a scifi vibe and when it gets to full throttle, it turns on its head!
Quality stuff man.

Your bass automation and snare fills are on point my guy. :ok_hand: Dig the Soundcloud art too. Keep up the good work.

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Totally forgot the bass in Green Sun’s first drop arggh! :see_no_evil:

Xiejra’s second drop was bomb though, he pretty much carried the entire song. I think its just the clash of styles that sort of ruptured the production however I don’t have the right to complain since Xiejra is pretty much a god at this point

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man, wished i saw this sooner. regardless…here we go. So, you’re music. lets just say its masterfully crafted, its very precise in its automation, its catchy, and well wubs are just classic EDM which is something that is a plus imo. as much as i dont like the genres you specialize in, you end up still making me like your music just simply by putting a spin on it that makes it enjoyable, so id suggest you to many of my friends who are into the genre. This coming from almost a primarily Trap and metal fan. lets just say its not easy making me enjoy some genres but im glad i was open minded enough to give your music a go. great job, and i hope you continue doing what you enjoy. ^-^

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The music you do isn’t really my style, but I gave some feedback regardless. I really like Green Sun and Marble Glass, I hope you make more like that.


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Green sun be my fav i Think, it’s legit man.

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Glowy: Really love the arps in the beginning and the drums in the middle section. The bass in the rise and drop is great. The second drop has great melodies and again, great bass. Nice track!


Glowy: Love this vinyl crackle! The fast arps are amazing. I really like the chords as well, and the impacts. As soon as the wubs and vocal chops came in, I fell in love xD

Green Sun: I love how the strings transition into Hour! The atmospheric drums & Stress are amazing. Wubs are on point as well. The percussion adds a really nice touch. I would add more sub bass though.

Marbled Glass: I love the beginning, it’s so calming! The transition into becoming slightly heavier fit perfectly as well, and you nailed the snares & toms. One of my favorites by you IMO. :smile:

Ice Cubed: Probably one of you best. So heavy and original. Those dub wubs are so good. I’m definitely not experienced in your style, but I can tell it’s amazing!

I really enjoyed listening to your tracks! Keep up the awesome work, and I’ll be listening :smiley: @Xiejra

Btw, I love your Kicoh remix, so powerful :slight_smile:

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Looks at calendar :calendar:

Looks at clock :clock:

Looks at sun :sun_with_face:

hmmmm… there’s still time left to leave feedback for Xiejra before his week ends!


Thank you :)))

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[quote=“MrSerpent, post:24, topic:9391”]
Xiejra is pretty much a god at this point
[/quote] <3 no u

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I have to admit I’m really impressed by your style. Making all this stuff in auxy must be terribly difficult and probably requires a lot of effort. It’s awesome to have a dubstep producer in this community; the auxy community lacks those styles :slight_smile: My favorite tracks of yours are Acid Dreams and Vigor, you really nailed those, especially Vigor, man that’s insane. I hope to hear a lot more of your work in the future, keep it up!

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thanks my guy. Acid dreams was a huge break through in my style. Especially the automation, Twig which I used as a plucky lead is also something I have used in tracks (un released)

Vigor is quite a special track, It was a failed BTC entry which turned into a full track. It kinda bled into my soundcloud from my old style which I will probably try and re do sometime in the future.

Thanks again :wink:

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Great to hear some background info on the tracks :wink:
No problem dude!

Alright! @Xiejra I’ll be honest, before today I don’t think I had listened to many if any of your tracks. However I’ve discovered I really like your style. I really like your Collab with @MrSerpent, the chords are really great, and I really like how it flows. The drops are also really cool! Lots of variation with them. I think you two did a great job. I’m also a big fan of GLOWY. The drop is really well written and all of the elements fit together. I’d love to be able to write a track in that style sometime. Marbled Glass has an awesome feel to it. The ambient sounds and melody are great. The added electronic bits like the little bass plucks are also really well incorporated. I wish it was longer! It’s a really cool track. I’d love to hear more like it.

Okay I completely forgot to add this in: you are amazing at hard drops. I don’t know how else to say it. They’re so filled with energy and hit really well. Acid Dreams especially. I’d also like to add that the chords of Acid Dreams sound very Deadmau5-esque. :wink:

Congratulations on FMOTW, you deserve it. I love your stuff. Followed!

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Thank you so much. Really helps me out :slight_smile: and yes I have a track like Marbled glass in the works (well several)



Your remix of Kicoh is pretty cool. I can already tell that I’m not gonna give you many faults. Probably zero. I’ve heard some of your songs before and they are just so UNIQUE! There are so many elements in the intro of the song! I love the pan in parts of so many elements, like the beautiful piano, the melodic percussion and the coin I think. And the symbol crash after that is perfect. The second pan in thingy between the pan in and the quick pan out, the sweeper is a bit weird? You can hear the transition between the bars. But that build!!! The riser is perfect, and the loud fill at the beginning of the build is just SO AMAZING!!! The snare has perfect low pass, and the transition is awesome. AND THAT DROP!!! How do you DO THAT??? That is some of the best dubstep I have ever heard. The pitching is perfect, the growls are EPIC! And the little melody parts are great. And the drums are masterclass! The chords in between are just amazing. And I love the variation especially! Currently I am working on a dubstep track, but all I can manage to do with the drop is make a freak/puma low pitched melody throughout it with a beat. The songs you are making… just… it’s not like you have one melody going throughout the drop. You have so many different elements, different speeds going, melodies in it, growls… it’s just so different from what I can do. So dubstep must be really hard to make, so I respect all the work you put into tracks, because I think they sound SO professional and just…, amazing, and something I would listen to in my free time. I followed you :wink:. Anyway, the impact of the drop is so cool. How you have the mysterious piano. And then silence. And then back into that beautiful melody. I love the use of strings. You certainly know how to remix a song! My remixes sound a lot more like the original thing. You can make a song sound so unique! And the build has amazing drums again. The riser has variation from the first which is an example of small details I love about this song. The second drop is amazing like the first. With so much variation. I love how the riser in it makes it feel like you are being chased and you just make it to the end. I can imagine this being in an action movie this song. The impact is epic, and it goes into ANOTHER DROP!!! Yay :grin:. The dubstep is so heavy, and the outro is perfect and mysterious and beautiful all together. 298283 / 10

Your round two of the auxy contest is cool! I love the chords. They are very happy. And I also love the high pitched snare. I love all the elements of this, like the riser, the drums are amazing, oh wait this was a fill challenge. WELL OK I KNOW WHY YOU ADVANCED TO ROUND 3! The fills are epic, and the dubstep is also better than anything I could ever do. Amazing. And the sample at the end :grin:

Your collab with me serpent, green sun has an awesome name :+1:. The opening chords fit the atmospherical vibe immediately, and also the instrument you used do as well. The drums are super cool, and I love the stress melody, with the pitch mixing. The I think it’s climb but I might be wrong chords are also a great addition to the song. You have so much potential to get big! Your music is easily better than some songs I’ve heard that have thousands of likes. The build is awesome, and THAT FILL BEFORE THE DROP!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! And the drop is so my style! The drums in it, and the wubs! I LOVE THIS SONG ITS GOING ON MY GOOGLE DOC OF MY FAVOURITE AUXY SONGS! After the drop, I love the different melody with the chords, and the other other melody you added. The build is awesome, and I JUST LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! That transition between the build and the drop is just heaven for me. The fill with the chord volume thingy. And what I love about your songs is the effort put into them. The second drop is a lot different to the first, kinda like a different sub genre! Future bass to futurey dubstep! I can never do that and never would be able to do that. I need someone to teach me dubstep :pensive:. You can do so much with it and I feel I am missing that with my freak puma melody throughout the entire drop. The growls are just on point in this drop, as are the chords, drums (I love these especially) and the fills and the melodies you added in after the growls… I just love it. The pan out is perfect and is amazing.
My favourite of yours so far.

Your round one entry is very unique from the beginning. The elements of it just tie in together. The piano, the drums, and those weird staticky growl thingies I have no idea how you made. Is the laugh sample at the begging you laughing? Or is it a random sample off the onterent? Whatever it is, I like it and it fits right in. No… headphones! Speak to me! Darn, they’re out of charge. I’m not making that up btw. I was playing your song and it randomly paused, so I played it again and it blasted music throughout my living room at 7:15 in the morning. Oops.

Guess I’ve gotta end then. I would’ve given more feedback, so sorry about that. I have already heard your remix of save me and I love that, and I’m pretty sure I left some comments on Soundcloud some time ago. So I guess that is the feedback I have for that track. My favourite of yours was green sun with @MrSerpent. You have so much potential. Your music is awesome. I JUST LOVE THE DUBSTEP SO MUCH!!!



Holy wow. Now that is just warming to my heart. Thanks so much im glad you like what im doing, I always try to make something complex and try out new ideas. I always have the urge to use literally all the instruments I can in one scene to build up textures, usually using several bass layers as well. Really glad you like green sun but the large majority of it was @MrSerpent (seconds drop was mine plus I added the strings and did the growly bits in the first drop) Glad you liked My Kicoh remix, cause the master was incredibly messed up but oh well! Also lastly no it was not my laugh in my round 1 Lol, if only I had a nice laugh :roll_eyes: anyway, thanks again my guy :wink:



You’re one of my favourite Auxy musicians.

Strong drums. Great bass lines. Good vibes. Excellent automation. High energy. Emotion. Unique style within the community. You’ve got the whole package.

I kept saying “Damn!” while listening to your tracks.

Marbled Glass - DAMN!

      Ice Cubed - DAMN! 

           Acid Dreams - DAMN!  

                  VIGOR - DAMN!  WTH!  Oh damn. 

And then after listening to your full-on tracks, Moss plays, with those emotional piano chords and… DAMN!

Your tournament entries are top notch. You’re one of the few who would have a chance against Mr Anderson.

I have no constructive feedback for you.

Just make the most out of your talent.

Thanks for being our Forum Member of the Week.