Forum Member of the Week - 17: Xiejra

Featured Auxy Artist #17: @Xiejra

Pronounced: Zy - Ja - Ra

Xiejra (Previously “Jester” and KnoxTheJester") is a UK-based producer who tackles a range of genre’s, including chilled ambient, experimental, D&B, Trap, Neuro & recently, House. He participated in the March House Challenge with an awesome Complexo House track and is currently in the Auxy Tournament #3. He gains musical inspiration from drawing and walking his dog.

When someone asked how to make Dubstep growls recently, the first reply was “ask Xiejra he knows what’s up.” So if you haven’t heard Xiejra’s music, now’s your chance.

Week starting: 23 April, 2018.

  • Please listen to at least one of their tracks (or more)
  • Provide at least one Soundcloud comment / feedback about their music during their week.
  • Comment in this thread once you’ve provided any feedback.
  • If you want to be featured, remember to comment for others!

Check out the tracks here: :soundcloud:


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Gratz! Ill leave some feedback soon!

Hooray! Thank you :smiley:


@MisterMaster you forgot the j in his name in the body

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EYYyy!! Always hype to see the next forum member of the week, get to see everyone else on the forum. Also get to listen to some new and intresting music.

Love your stuff dude. :grin: So busy these days so I’m not if I can provide feedback but I’ll try!

I’m happy to see you up here @Xiejra

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Congrats @Xiejra!! I will get to my feedback as soon as i can!

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Congrats! I’ll give some feedback later :smiley:

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Well ima keep this short…

You are a Dubstep legend

So yeah, keep up the awesomeness

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yessss it’s growl daddy


Wow Xiejra, your atmospheres are really something else. Your stuff has a really pro vibe. You can make some really diverse stuff, too. My favorite track you have has got to be Ice Cubed just because of the epic automation and composition. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep it up!


You make some really solid and also unique stuff, which is great to see. Thought Green Sun was great, and also your first tournament entry was very good as well (as you could probably tell from such a high score). Can’t really give a bunch of specific feedback because I make a different style of music, but you make some really solid stuff. Keep up the good work, my man :+1:

@Xiejra -

You are an amazingly unique artist. You bring amazing bass always - no matter what genre you are doing, and you make the coolest sounds. You also make great drum kits that fit each song perfectly.

Acid Dreams and Green Sun are my two favorite tracks of yours.
Keep up the good work!

And I also think its pretty safe to say that you may have won @Matik’s kicoh remix challenge.

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You’re at @official_ivo’s level, and I can’t give higher praise than that, given the genre you make.


Thank you @ezA and @crystldawnmusic for your kinda words. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Feedback will be here shortly

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Powerful introduction in your magic kicoh remix. Like the pizzicato and cellos. Buildup was perfect. And my god was the drop sick as. Didn’t know we had another dubstep auxian on board.

I would of thought towards the end of the first drop when u did the dnb move, would of been cool if it changed to dnb for maybe 16 bars? But the bridge was awesome.

Green sun is awesome. Love the orechstarl intro once again. Nice random change to future bass, which the wubs were perfectamundo :ok_hand:t2:. And nice melody that comes in aswell. Where’s the bassss??? :fearful: I think frequencies in the lower range needed to be added, otherwise it was too plain.

Glowy had some nice arps and toms but once again, yes there was bad shere but maybe stacking it with maybe a heavier mid bass would of been good too?
The change at 1:30 is awesome. That dubstep is just awesome, even tho it is 4 in the floor it was quite awesome. Just wish that bass could be something better. Overall awesome track with aweosme growls.

Overall feedback, mixing frequencies and mastering could have an area of improvement, more in the bass side. I think your pads and arps are perfect, I just think u need some better bass options and mixing.

Keep it up! @Xiejra

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Thanl you so much for the feedback. Yup i totally agree especially in Green sun, Mr Serpent and I just forgot to add some kind of bass in the first drop.