Forum Member of the Week - 14: Cornea


Featured Auxy Artist #14: @Cornea
Cornea resides in Germany and enjoys Trap and Lo-Fi. Favourite producers include Kotori, vowl., Chen Boi & Fabian Mazur. Another interest is anime, especially DereDere (“love-struck”). Cornea plans to release a ‘Monika - Your Reality’ Remix in April - May 2018. Listen to Cornea’s music and leave some feedback!

:eye: Die Hornhaut ist die transparente Schicht an der Vorderseite des Auges.

Week starting: 2 Apr, 2018.

  • Please listen to at least one of their tracks (or more)
  • Provide at least one Soundcloud comment / feedback about their music during their week.
  • Comment in this thread once you’ve provided any feedback.
  • If you want to be featured, remember to comment for others!

Check out the tracks here: :soundcloud:

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Congrats @Cornea!!

Congrats! I will give feedback tomorrow

If I remember

Congratulations on the feature @Cornea :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t believe I haven’t heard your stuff a lot before… it’s amazing–and I don’t even listen to dubstep usually.

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@Aviomusic @Mr_Mooo @Arimyth thank you all!



Balance is really cool. The intro is awesome. Can I hear vocals in the drop? Anyway, you have nailed that dubstep! I never knew it was possible to make these sounds! This is amazing! I’m not really one to make dubstep but I love to listen to it and I’ve always wanted to give it a try, but couldn’t make it on auxy. This blows my mind! It’s so different to other auxy songs! I can’t use words to describe how awesome this is! You have stunned me. 10/10. Amazing. The next drop is just as good as the first. Amazing. Epic. Awesome. This is just so… I can’t use words to describe it. Please teach me :hushed:. This is amazing. I wouldn’t have added the going downtown sample at the end but that was an amazing song!

Ridding is awesome! I love how you used the sample at the beginning which linked to the build and transition! You nailed the dubstep sounds again. It just blows my mind how you make instruments so heavy! This sounds really professional. I love the use of samples, especially the OOF. These songs are what I’d listen to in my own time! I love them!

Twirl has great chords! I love the way you use the future pack at the beginning to go with it. And that dubstep is EPIC and HEAVY like usual! What instruments do you use for these drops? I also love the high pitched tempo. I love the second drop! It’s the kind of dubstep I love to listen to. You are truly the auxy master of dubstep. I would love to collab with you someday. The mix of your high tempos and interesting builds make the drop even more epic. Whenever I hear a build which is really good and then a drop which is pretty light I am disappointed. But you do not disappoint me. Those drops of yours are HEAVY!!! That song was epic, my favourite so far.

Deredere is pretty cool. Those chords are the beginning make me feel uncomfortable but that’s good because that’s the nature of the song. The structure of this song is especially good. I love the use of percussion. The drop is heavy and epic as usual. It’s really cool, because you must have limited things you can do with dubstep, but all you different drops in different songs are so different! That second drop is awesome. I love the samples used. I just love your songs so much! How had I never heard most of them before!

Abandoned message board is really awesome. The chords are awesome. The build is nice, and the drop is nice! Did you start dubstep after this song? I can hear the start of dubstep in this song though. The structure of this song is again awesome. You keep me interested in all of your songs. The use of pitch is also nice. And the snare that you used or snares you used is or are awesome. Yep, around 2:15 I can hear the start of your dubstep. Not as heavy as before but still awesome. This song is so awesome! To me the chords sound like it’s a mix of positive vibes and a sunny track on Mario kart. Awesome song.

Your remix of ruthless is awesome. You have used very strong sounds even in the intro. The drop is kinda hard to follow, there is a lot going on but I like the dubstep growl parts. The freak with the build is really cool. The second drop is much better than the first. I can follow much more easily and the dubstep is awesome. Sometimes the sweeper can get a bit loud, but that third drop is HEAVY!!! Maybe you didn’t start dubstep in your track I feedbacked on above. Awesome. The third drop was my favourite out of the three.

Down!down!down! Has a nice intro. The dubstep sounds are heavy like usual, and the build is on of my favourites from you. The sweeper like before gets a bit loud, but that drop is awesome like usual. That dubstep is heavy! (Like usual) Did you make some of these songs only using the starting packs? Because I can’t really hear other packs. If so, that is amazing! A real talent. Your Soundcloud is epic. Just like a treasure chest of what I’d listen to. Great stricture like usual. The melody is awesome. Amazing song.

My favourite of yours was Twirl, but all of them were amazing. I love your music. Amazing.


Hey there @Cornea! Was just checking out your tracks. I’ll be honest I don’t know a lot about dubstep, but all the little effect things in the breaks are cool! Are those all made from Auxy or did you use samples or another DAW? As for something you could maybe improve, I thought perhaps you could try having a little more variety in the drama. Like maybe the verses could be a little calmer, and then it will make the drop to appear to hit even harder. Just a little idea, and overall keep up the good work!


Congratulations on weekly my dude @Cornea

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Congrats @Cornea ! I love the logo!

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Just listened to all of your tracks on Soundcloud.

It’s cool that you’ve found a genre you enjoy to specialise in, with your high-energy, high-impact dubstep tracks, with fat bass-lines. Your short vocal samples are well-used, at just the right moment. Can hear that anime influence coming through with them. Can’t recall other Auxy tracks doing this as well as you have.

I particularly enjoy your dubstep effects when the tempos faster, like in your most recent track, ‘Balance’.

Agree with comment above, about adding some occasional lightness during the tracks to give the listener a rest and to add some brief variation from the in-your-face stuff. I don’t listen to a lot of dubstep music, but it’s nice to get a break occasionally and then jump back in. Your vocal samples do this to a small degree but only for a few nano-seconds, whereas a few bars of calm would heighten the next ramp up, exactly as Andrew suggested.

“Forum Member of the Week” is exposing me (and others) to interesting music we may not have heard before, like you, which is cool.


as a fellow weeb I am proud of you sir ^-^ god speed!


But in all seriousness, I love the style you bring to the table. familiar, and new. All in one, Those samples definitely help your cause as well. Not sure if you’re still interested in a collab still, but I know working with you would be a blast!

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Ty thrashie :slight_smile:
available for collab although I have a lot of projects to complete

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  1. I want to apologize for not following you before. I thought I did, I had some of your tracks liked…but I guess I didn’t :frowning: ANYWHO now I’m following you.
  2. Your tracks are amazing! And tbh there isn’t any auxy who makes tracks quite like yours.
  3. Thanks for the anime samples you posted a while back :smiley: They came in handy
  4. Keep up the awesomenes!

P.S. Twirl is DOPE!

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Congrats! I will try to listen throughout the week!

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I’ll be giving u feedback on a few of ur songs when I can! Probably tonight


Congrats @Cornea!! Just listened to some of your stuff and I really like it! The bass in Balance is really nice! Which instrument did you use? Your use of samples is also spot on! Im excited for your EP!

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I love your use of samples. You have such a unique style too. You do things that I would never expect coming from someone who uses Auxy. The SOUNDS are just my favorite.

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I love your tracks, man! I can’t listen to them right now but I have liked them before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think you have nailed the meaning of “bass” but dude seriously your dubstep is awesome.

Maybe sometimes the basses were a bit loud? But they were still fine to me.

You have a really unique style and I remember when u first started as a bass head with your trap sorta songs. Now u have come around with dubstep and drumstep and u deserve more followers. Keep up the awesome growls dude.

I really liked twirl. Your other stuff was also awesome but I think twirl would be my favourite.