Forum Member of the Week - 13: IVO

You probably already know this but here we go:

I’ve been a fan of yours for more than a year now, ever since Civil Disobedience (RIP) was featured in the Auxy feed, I’ve been following your soundcloud since at least summer 2016 :smiley:

I really enjoy your music, especially Lazarus, Even Louder_, Montezuma, and Ra. I love the deep dark bass and piano as well as the moombahton drums. Keep it up!


It sucks when u have to delete tracks


I just know one day you’re gonna make it Big! :raised_hands: You the Man! @xavior


Congrats!! Your stuff is awesome, and I love your stuff. Your remix of Salty was the first track of yours that I heard, and it is just great! All of your stuff is, and its incredibly unique! Awesome job!

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I’m a fan of your vocal tracks, especially Apologize. The drums there are well done and not too complex, and the piano parts are breathtaking.
I generally don’t like bass as much, but your songs are done in a way I can appreciate.

Keep up the good work!

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Ah, the master of deep bass himself

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imo you, austin, black ocean, and akyut are one of my favorite artists in the auxy community so im glad you’re featured on this now. (surprised you weren’t sooner) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Love the atmospheric feeling of mothership. Matches the theme so well! I also love the speeches you add, reminds me of @moemx. You Germans have that in common. But it’s so awesome. What is it called?

Also you are one of the most unique people in the Auxy team. With wobbling basses and slow moving tracks. And hard hitting drops. You da man!

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Thanks!! :smiley:


Your music is amazing! Just keep at it!

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I love your style, it’s really recognizable. I can hear a great improvement over time in your music! I remember when I first heard Civil Disobedience, it really made me realize how capable Auxy was, even before Automation! It really inspired me. I love your work, please keep it up!



Mothership can I just first say is an awesome name. I love the mysterious feel to this song. The chords fit right in with the feel. I love the sample at the beginning. The voice of the man is so perfect. I love the mysterious piano because it doesn’t sound traditional, it sounds kinda glitchy. These samples are awesome btw. They really add to the song. That drop is SO AWESOME! Everything about it from even the drums are top notch professional. I love it! I also love how it isn’t all just the same, with a tiny bit a variation in the second half which is what I’d do. The short bit of piano after the drop is a perfect transition. And omg those drums after that are just amazing the way you used pan and pitch on the snares is amazing. I love them so much! The piano after that imo doesn’t really fit into the song, but it’s actually fine because of the background noises. OMG THAT SECOND DROP IS SO LIT!!! There are so many elements to this! Just… HOW DO YOU DO IT? That was so awesome! An amazing song. At first I didn’t like the guitar at the end but I actually really like it now because it kinda feels like peaceful now the song is over. Amazing. Just amazing. I loved it.

Structure is awesome, I really like it. The peaceful breathing, the intro makes me want to go to sleep. Who is that singing? Those vocals are nice. And also how did you get delay on those vocals? Did you play the sample twice and make the second one a lot quieter? Anyway, that melody afterwards is awesome. This song sounds really professional! That drop is awesome. These drops in your song are not really my style of creating so I don’t know what elements are good or bad but I listen to some similar stuff when I want to, so I enjoy listening to it. The vocals are just so awesome! I love the… um… I think it’s climb? Or something from 7 skies I think. Once again the drop is awesome. I love the pitch. The piano after the drop is really emotion sparkinging. It reminded me of the first nine years of my life when I lived in the UK. That ending sparked SO MUCH emotion. It brought tears to my eyes. My favourite so far, let’s see the next one.

That intro is really nice and groovy. Not too repetitive, I didn’t get bored. I love how you do things with sounds which I would never have thought of. This isn’t really auxy community friendly but I don’t care. I love the beat and the background sounds to go with the rapping. The way you added the vocals is so professional. I love how it isn’t a really dark song, like when the rapper says haha nah just joking. That part when the rapper raps really fast is so cool! Not really much to say about this because the vocals are the main part of this song, and I have already given my feedback about that. Great song!

Lazarus is another song with vocals which is awesome. I love the detail in the background of this song. I love how the vocals include your names like In professional songs… bot that your songs aren’t professional but you know what you mean. I love how Lazarus sounds before the second drop! How did you do that? These songs are not really my style but I like them. My feedback on them isn’t the best as I have literally no idea which I’m saying with this.

Ahh, don’t save me. One of my favourites from your album. The kiss (I think it’s kiss) at the beginning is awesome. There is so much going on already! It’s hard to tell what’s what and give feedback. But then that drop is simplistic but awesome! That bass is heavy. Not really my settle again but awesome. That impact after the drop is really cool. The piano goes right in with the song, and now there is less going on I can realise how cool those chords are. Your style is just so different to mine so it’s really hard to give good feedback! That song was pretty cool though. Really professionally as always. Good job!

Blink has a nice start. Not really my style again but really cool, it feels mysterious. That sample is so awesome, and that drop is heavy! I love that you used piano in it. You like heavy bass don’t you? That melody after the drop makes me feel weird! I don’t know, it just makes my body feel funny… :grin: did you use subway? I like it if you did! I like for the second sample you didn’t just use the first. Awesome. That drop is heavy again, and has nice piano again. The piano melody in the second half is awesome. Not much else to say… except that the drums have been really amazing in this song. The ending is also amazing. Well done!

I’ll stop there. Your tracks are amazing. So professional. And the drums and bass in them are epic. My favourite was structure. Keep on producing, you are amazing! :wink:


There’s still time to provide feedback to IVO…

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I’d like to add that you went above and beyond in adding effects to your songs, even before Auxy 5 came out. It’s obvious that you spend time on your music and artwork, instead of just releasing it as soon as possible.


This is the kind of feedback we should strive for here. Wow lol



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Lazarus and On The Road are two of my Favs. So good.

Your tracks work really well with vocals / raps. Perhaps the slower tempo’s allow room for vocals?

Strangely, I only noticed the frequency that you use slow tempo once you pointed it out. Because your tracks don’t feel “slow.”

Piano-work is “cool” and edgy.

Words that come to mind: High quality, unique, polished and piano.

IVO music sounds authentic. Not just reproducing a genre. Feels more “artistic” than that.

Not scared to wade into more taboo topics / language, but without being vulgar or offensive.

Your Album ‘Structure’ is a real achievement, with months of working with others to deliver on your vision.

Obviously one of the most popular artists in the Auxy community.

Look forward to checking out your new VLog once it’s out.

You recently used the word “Loon” in a sentence!?!



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