Forum Member of the Week - 12: Viiitality

you better stop

lmao, but fr thanks dood

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thanks, LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeZ!

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your feedback = noice

this format = lowkey weird

Oh. Oh no. I was just playing through your profile and I wasn’t paying very close attention to the creators! Oops. I still really like your stuff!

Yeah now I just feel embarrassed. Oh well.

@viiitality, I really enjoy your music! :innocent:

Ambivalent is beautiful. I had it on loop the day you made it! :grin::tada:

I totally dig Cruise as well.

Keep it up!

Sounds great, keep it cooking!

noice stuff

it’s no big deal man, we all make mistakes lol.

thanks @DHO! love your stuff as well m8, keep up the good work and I’ll do the same! thanks for the comments!

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thanks you two!

I’m sure you know this already, but I really like your music. I’ve been a big fan ever since Aquarius which really blew my mind and inspired me to fool around more with automation. Eye of the Storm was a great collab and your newest track Lucid was really cool. I loved the drum work especially.

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One of my favorite Auxy artists. :+1: Congratulations!


thanks @Hum4n01d! I swear I’m working on our thing, just life gets in the way too often.

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thanks @Arimyth! :ok_hand:

i love your music! especially the chords, you’re really great at doing them. my bit of feedback would be to relax a bit on the percussion. it’s good, but sometimes the sounds and samples you use don’t compliment each other as well as they could. keep up the good work, and you’re almost to 100 follows! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great music! You really are a producer of different genres (future bass, house and chill) and you’re good at all of them! I especially like the more uplifting and energetic ones, such as Aquarius, Black & White and Lucid. I also have to you say you really nail chords and make great use of automation :ok_hand:
At this point I can’t really mention something for you to improve on, so keep it up dude!

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I’ve only been able to listen to 2 songs, and I can’t listen to anymore due to my headphones Bass And Treble messing up, but from What I’ve heard so far, It’s amazing. (Hope the RMA is fast)

Listened to your tracks and I really like the more chill and upbeat feel you’ve got going! Some of my input is to work a little on chord progressions, but other than that I think you’re going in a great direction!

:clap:You’ve got a new follower!

I was already following I just wanted to say that

From one filipino to another, pagbati :clap:t3::joy:

(Pagbati means congratulations in filipino for those who don’t know)

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