Forum Member of the Week - 10: AzureOnyx_

Congrats on being chosen for FMW
I like your percussion, solid and powerful!

@AzureOnyx I really like your stuff man! It’s uplifting and has energy, which is great. Therefore Ni and Melody’s Drum & Bass are my favorites. How is Ni unfinished though? It’s over 5 minutes and it’s great lol :grin:
When listening to The Revolt I noticed that the melody was slightly put to the background because of all the different fat sounds you used, so be careful with overlayering sometimes. The track has some trance and dnb influences, so I see why you chose to do this though! The two tracks mentioned above don’t have this, so they sound better imo. This is just my opinion though :slight_smile:
Great stuff!

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Ni isn’t finished because there are still some things I need to add. For a track to be good, I need to make sure they don’t feel rushed. You see this with Auxians who constantly pump out a track every week; the track quality doesn’t feel “magical” or feel like they don’t put much love into it.

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Right on point.
Just out of curiosity; Why upload a track which is not 100% finished? Why not wait until it’s completely done? Forgive me for asking

Just to preview, really. I’d like to see other’s opinions on a track to see what I can improve.

I get your point :ok_hand:

My fav track of yours is Ni (Preview). It opens with that 1980’s Miami Vice style, with variations throughout the track. I was worried that you’d moved away from that style at one point, but was pleased when you returned to it. It’s marked as a “preview” but is already sounding great.

Second fav was Cerulean VIP, It’s just easy to listen to, despite having complexity to it.

I liked the D&B style drums in Revolt but I felt like I had to listen carefully to the lead as there’s a lot happening and it blends into the background sounds a bit, such as the pads. I’ve had this experience myself where the lead sounds more distinct on the device, but when it’s on Soundcloud some of the intricacies are less audible. Your more recent tracks have clearly audible leads so perhaps you’ve noticed this already.

Enjoyed the old school intro from To Vanish from Anguish.

Your music’s interesting to check out. Thanks!

Happy to listen to this stuff again, just as amazing when I first heard it. Hopefully one day I’ll have enough courage to try doing Trance and make something fantastic just like the stuff you write man.

I agree with the many cerulean. It’s also like his own little signature sound. I find it awesome. It’s also very recognisable to tell when something is created by azure. And I find it really cool. Like for example my signature used to be having a big sub drop in my intros or like a cool chopped chord. But I don’t do that as much now. Sometimes though. I just use impacts and stuff like that tho I still do it. Depends on the track

Ok. Will start listening to ur songs now I have the time :+1:

AoM is really nice. Not really the genre I would listen to, but if it was the genre I liked I would sefinitely listen to it. I love the melodies, and I also love the chords. Really cool.

The preview of ni is awesome. I love the melody. I really liked the build. That riser was really cool. I also love the delayed bonk bonks (is it coin?) in the drop. I love the mysterious piano after the drop. Really cool. You are amazing at writing drums! Overall, very cool song.

Okay, melody’s Drum and bass. The drums are amazing. And I LOVE the chords coming in. What instrument is it? My guess is a low passed silk? Anyway, love that sound and those chords. Okay, the melody is coming in. I love it! Really cool! These drums are really epic. Love them getting faster. The use of piano is also epic. And I love the shifter snares. That break is awesome, with the symbol. Overall, I LOVE THIS SONG! Awesome :+1:

Cerulean V5 is really cool. The strong tonsil is unique. Can’t wait for the full song!

The revolt is definitely what I’d listen to. Very heavy. It comes in so strong! The chords are really cool. And these drums, wow! Blew my mind. I can’t believe I’d never ward your music before! You are amazing.

You got far into the auxy tournament! And I love your semifinal entry. The piano is really nice and that hour is heavenly for me lol.

You auxy tournament round 3 blew my mind. I don’t normally hear the future pack being used a lot. This was wonderful. I love it.

Our blue snowflakes is imo one of your best. Maybe it’s just because I wouldn’t really listen to some of your others because I’m not a massive fan of the genres but this is totally what I’d listen to. I love the chords, the use of tiny. The piano is AMAZING, and as always I love these drums. This song actually brings back memories of a specific day to me so it makes this song to me even more special. The fast piano at 2:44 is amazing. Love it. And I will always love the piano with tiny I’m pretty sure, or something like that. Amazing. Lol how many times have I used amazing probably like 20 lol. The quiet chords at the end I also love. 10/10. I LOVE IT.

Your second round of the auxy tournament is top notch. The drums are awesome. Really groovy. I could dance to this.

OMG I LOVE YOUR FIRST ROUND ENTRY. Amazing again. This is definitely something I’d listen to. The instruments go so well together. 10/10 again.

I won’t do the WIP of cerulean because I already did another of it.

Your BTC 21 entry is awesome. The piano is mysteriously awesome. I love the I think it’s twig? Anyway, that’s amazing. The sudden ending is so cool.

To vanish from anguish is amazing. The piano is really amazing. The bass is awesome. I also love these drums. Very intense. Again, this isn’t really my genre but I can tell people who like this genre would definitely like this. Really cool.

Serket VIP is really awesome. I mean, REALLY AWESOME (darn autocorrect doesn’t work when you spam caps lol) anyway, this is awesome. Parts sound like a Mario kart track theme song. I love the instruments. This is awesome. The piano chords are really cool.

Azure’s challenge is epic. That beginning is very unique. What was the challenge? Really epic. As usual, the drums are top par. The piano is AMAZING. Just what I like.

Sapphire is really cool. I know this is your older stuff, but the quality is still very high. The chords are beautiful. The bass is a bit heavy for just piano but maybe it’s supposed to be I don’t know I’m not really one to know a lot about genres. The use of the future pack is amazing. I don’t know how to use the future pack effectively so when I hear it I love it. Sounds so amazing. I actually bought the future pack first because I thought the demo song sounded the coolest. Well done me lol. Anyway, this song is awesome. The piano melodies are really cool. The go with the song. I love the fast tempo as well. Awesome!

Fuzmiral is awesome. The chords are awesome. I don’t really like gossip, so I can’t say that I love the use of it, but I hear you have used it well and it still sounds good for me. Some of these sounds are unique. I can’t tell how you layered some of them. I really like it.

Your BTC 14 is very cool. Like your other songs, some parts are very mysterious.

I don’t really know what auxy christofffo vs azure onyxscore really is but I like it! The use of the future pack is amazing again. There are so many sounds and things going on in this! I love it.

Your remix of the calling is amazing. It’s been awhile since I heard this song, and it will always be amazing. I love what you have done to it. The drums are top notch. The build is amazing. Love what you did. The drums in the build are especially amazing. Awesome. The drop is awesome. I love how you used freak in it, rather than just the second drop. Overall, great remix!

Retro wave is awesome. The drums are awesome, like the other 50 billion times I’ve said. The chords are also cool. Maybe I’d use sweeper or something for the transition from the loud part to the quiet part. I love the clicks or snaps or what you call them. I love the fast melody. Can’t tell what instrument it is. Very cool. I love when you start to layer it. Music to my ears. Literally.

Leijon VIP is not really a genre I’d listen to not because of the beautiful piano but because of the strong bass. The piano is awesome though. You really like your piano don’t you?! The drums are really cool. The use of percussion is awesome. The hour is really cool. Great song!

How many cerulean songs do you have? I’m just gonna skip this because I’ve already reviewed your other one :grin:.

A lot of your other tracks are tracks ie already reviewed as VIPs or different tracks so I’m gonna stop here. I would’ve done this in comments in Soundcloud but all I have to do it is my iPhone so sorry. My favourite was our blue snowflakes. I loved it.

Anyway, your Soundcloud is awesome. I loved listening to your songs. Great job! :grin::+1:



Hey man! Was just looking at your profile, and you make some sweet stuff :+1: My favorite was Ni. I like the energy and specifically that fast bassline loop. Our Blue Snowflakes is great, too. Nice and flowing and the piano is cool. Maybe you could work on the drums a tiny bit more.

I really love all your music honestly. Nice work

@akabillposters gold medal material right here

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The countdown is on… 8hrs left.

Still time to leave some feedback!

I really dig the retro vibes in Ni, super good!
(Congrats on 150 followers *wink)

Thanks for the feedback!

As a side note, I never used Freak in any of my tracks. I’ve used Slope instead.

You mentioned that I’ve used Gossip in Fuzmiral. Like everyone who uses Auxy, I never used Gossip. Instead, fancy combinations thanks to layering.


Ok! I’m not very good at figuring out sounds :grin:

That’s 1,146 words

That’s like a 10 paragraph essay