Forum Member of the Week - 10: AzureOnyx_

Featured Auxy Artist #10: @AzureOnyx

AzureOnyx_ enjoys trance and DnB. He wants to “Create music that’s like no other. Maybe expand and recreate rules for musical genres.” He’s sometimes outspoken in the forum about the direction of Auxy, but we won’t hold that against him because his music sounds pretty good!

Where did the unique name come from?

My name literally means Blue Black Underscore. Azure Onyxscore. Basically my favorite color combo.
The Underscore came from my old username LemonSpy_.
LemonSpy_ was getting too young for my age and I wanted to change it.
Underscore became my username for a month then changed it to Azure Onyxscore_
GTNerd30 … LemonSpy_ … Underscore … Azure Onyxscore … which is shortened to … AzureOnyx_

Week starting: 5 Mar, 2018.

  • Please listen to at least one of their tracks (or more)
  • Provide at least one Soundcloud comment / feedback about their music during their week.
  • Comment in this thread once you’ve provided any feedback.
  • If you want people to comment on your week, remember to comment for others!

Check out their tracks here:

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Nice job @AzureOnyx–you have a positive impact both on the disco and in your music and definitely deserve this. :ok_hand:


I’m back this week after work and monotony and being an adult made me wanna swing a sledge hammer into each building I have to visit every day. $$$ DOLLARYDOOS $$$

@AzureOnyx I remember you from the Auxy Tournament. You had a real energetic consistent style that I liked back then in your entries. Still like it now. I can tell you’re always looking for a way to elevate your tracks. To make 'em exciting. My instinct is you’re the kinda guy that makes stuff that you wanna listen to.

Faves and that Stuff that Drew My Attention:

Preview Ni From Trance to Melodic Piana to Electronic. Forkin’ noice. Nice to see you went and did something with one of your entries! (Looks wistfully at dusty project files)

The Revolt had this nice kinda epicness under it, but I wonder if it would have as much impact as the beginning of the song if you dialed it back in parts. I’m guilty of burying my melodies/tunes too. Did you happen to work off your Semi-final entry to The Revolt?

Our Blue Snowflakes MAAAAN. I love this emotive sountracky shizzle mixed with BEATS. I think if you have the premium subscription and the willpower – it might be worth revisiting the percussion on this one. While the beat itself is good, I think the sounds themselves could be better. Other than that, there isn’t anything not to like. In between your fun energetic stuff, please make more music for the fairies!

Challenge 2 is your most memorable entry for the Auxy tournament imo. It’s just big straight away, and lots of energy. Good rise.


Azure’s Challenge [Alyen] Awh man, I just love this. I think this is a good example of the experimentation and variations you should have in your songs to keep them super interesting. It was emotive. It was silly. IT USED MA BOI FREAK (I think it was Freak?). It was a blast to listen to. Ended too soon for me. When you keep it interesting the time really just flies by!

Retrowave Real nice. A strong, fun track with hints of epicness and emotion. Another one I feel you were limited by the drum samples, though. I reckon this could go from a 7 to a 10 fi you ever decided to revisit.

Enemy of Mine The synthy electric guitar thing it had going on reminded me a little of Justice. I appreciate it in a work. Love the chorus (?). It’s simple, nice, and I want to listen to it again. I would be happy if you revisited this style.

In summary, good stuff. Keep on making it.


image umm……

is he still here?

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OK. Just wondering :joy:

@AzureOnyx I just left you some comments.

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One of the more unique auxians. I’ve been a fan for a long time. U have really awesome progressions throughout your tracks. I don’t know whether to say they are dark or spacy. But they certainly push forward a lot and always have my ears interested. I feel like u would be good at progressive House, however your more on the trance side.

My favourite song of yours would be:


To vanish from anguish.

I just love the piano in “to vanish from anguish” it’s such an awesome song.

Don’t really have much feedback for you.
Maybe to get the subscription? Haha

Or to maybe make ur songs not so progressive? But because the progressions are so good it can work. But it would be great to see more variation and possibly some better structuring like breaks and bridges. To cool off the melodies


I’m starting from the bottom this week, in effort to give all Forum Members of the Week some of my invaluable (lol no) feedback. Hopefully I can get to you, but if not I’ll PM you like I will the rest :slight_smile:

AAAAAAh, nice. Glad to see him getting more recognition.

insert selfish whining here


Same though

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You would be right. What’s the point of making music if you don’t like your own tracks?


I’m going to listen to your tracks today :slight_smile:


Congrats, man!

By the way, your real name is like the coolest name ever. I go to sleep wishing that was my name.

Jk, but your music rocks



This isn’t my track. This was done by @Alyen.

This was an actual challenge I tried to propose but only had one person accept the challenge

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I’ll have to look you up @Alyen !!

Your recent track that hasn’t been finsihed yet is also awesome

Wow, your tracks are quite nice! I really like the vibes in your latest WIP, AoM. I think even more bass would be great, could just be me though.

I also really like how you make VIPs of your tracks, like Cerulean. Each one is even awesome and awesome.

I’ll be sure to leave some comments/feedback here and like some more of your tracks tomorrow!

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