Forum Member of the Week - 05: Voltt

You got some good stuff man! Keep going and you’ll be big one day I swear

Thanks so much man…that is my goal :smile:

I’ve already listened to your songs, but time to listen again! I don’t know if I will really give any feedback.

Sometimes your chords get a little dissonant and don’t sound that good. Overall, your music is amazing. You definitely have a signature style.

Thanks for the feedback. I think that sometimes the chords are distorted due to the layers, not dissonant. I always make sure everything is in harmony or octaves.

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@TXA I’ve seen ya around, but never have had the chance to sit down and listen to ya. I was working while I listened, and your music has good energy. As a whole – going through a fair sum of your soundcloud – it’s the emotive climbs and then these real cool EDM styles.

My faves:
Lakewood Pier – Enjoyed its emotional start, and it reached its natural conclusion into synthy waves and beats. This is the sort of music I like to hear from Auxy: emotive and modern.

The Journey – I think it had the best of both your worlds. I see Lakewood as the natural progression from this track.

Reflections – Just lovely. There’s some instruments I can’t pick out, but they work really well. I feel like this track doesn’t miss a beat. Just remains interesting thru n thru.

Realm – Very interesting track. Just cool sounds speckled through it. I think you might be working with a couple of my favourite packs. RAC Essentials I think? It really is a wonderful pack, and you’ve utilized it in a way unique to my own fiddling, so I really love it. I think you should continue to explore different sounding packs and instruments. Interested to see what you can come up with!

The Phantom – I get the sense you just enjoyed making this track, enjoyed listening to it. There’s very little modern sense to it, stripping it of a lot of vanity. It just is what it is. Just a nice piano track with kinda a chill rock/pop drum keeping it going. I like it a lot.

A lot of your earlier tracks are similar to Phantom. Simple but effective. I can see why you’ve moved onto more modern styles though. More to play with. It’s good you knew to end them quick, some people can go on for six minutes like that (cough totally not me cough), but you illustrate your point fast.

What I see is very rapid progression. Crazy to see all this work in five months. I was real curious to see your early early work but ah well. Good jobbu!


Thanks a lot man. Enjoyed reading your wonderful comments. Thanks for the follow too! :smiley:

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Any other things everyone? I’d personally like to hear more :smile:

I’m scared for when people do mine.

The feedback will consist of
"be more original you basic white futurebass producer"
"ur bad"
“rofl what is this trash”
“why does the lowpass go up and down you garbage person”

and that one guy that’s like

“hey, nice”


:clap::clap: well done



Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Aye volt! Congrats my dude. Time to listen to all of your stuff… again :joy: will drop some of those comments :saxophone:

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this feedback applies to all your tracks
-be very careful not to overstack chords, I’m hearing some mud due to compression in those big fat future-bass drops.
-try taking away bass before drops, provides more impact when the drop hits
-layer leads more, layer chords less, your melodies get drowned in fat supersaws
-I am also hearing some low-end dissonance in reflections, I’m not sure what it is but try not to make your pads go super low on the spectrum, keep them up in the mid-high range
-sometimes I don’t think the melody fits into your chord progression, pay special attention to how the note functions in the chord
-in general, your music is well composed for the most part, but I think that it is almost too "full’ sometimes. I hear leads getting overpowered, and the drums aren’t popping as much as I’d like.
I am excited to see your future growth, and if you ever want feedback, I’m always here! I check the forum every day!


Congratulations Voltt! Need to listen more to your chill beats:)

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Thanks for all the feedback and I’m sure to use it :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,

Don’t forget to provide feedback to @TXA this week. Especially if you’ve signed up to be featured yourself.

Thanks to those who have already provided feedback.



I’ll try to do some
sorry, ive been really busy. i would normally do it but i havent found time this week. sorry


Thanks man

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