Forum Member of the Week - 035: AViO

This producer from Australia, who has recently hosted a remix contest from one of his more popular songs, is a huge fan of Dance & EDM! His name is @Aviomusic

Check out his tracks here:

Register here to be involved:


Wow, is @Osharu a mod now?

Anyway, cool, @Aviomusic, glad it’s your turn to shine.


I wish, lol, no I’m not a mod, but I was givin the duty of choosing and posting new FMotW thanks to @MisterMaster! Just ask him , and he’ll verify!


Haha. I believe you.

Congrats @Aviomusic!!!

You remixed one of my tracks glow and it was fantastic!! You have mad skills lol!


I haven’t listened to you too much @Aviomusic but I just checked your only non-remix, and it’s pretty good! I left a little bit of feedback in the comments (In My Arms)

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If you become a mod don’t forget to spam email everyone my soundcloud account

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Uhm…then I wouldn’t last very long as a mod, now would I?
Nice try, though


Come on people, give AViO the recognition he deserves! Give some feedback on his remixes and/or tracks!

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@Osharu @Polar @INDIR3CT @NickElle Thanks!! It means a lot to know that people actually like me and support me i guess. I make music as an outlet for depression.Its a way i can not think about everything going on in my life. I also write raps about the problems in my life and i want to be able to make rap music sometime in the future. For now tho because i cant afford a mic ill just have to produce. Thanks to everyone for the support and ill make sure to continue to support the rest of the people who get Forum Member of the Week.

Also, lately its felt like FMOTW has been ignored. Idk if its because most people have already got it or because people are getting bored of it. I just wanted to put it out there that its becoming less popular.


AViO you’re the man :wink:

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RIP forum member of the week?


I have been busy and, technically speaking, “grounded”, but not really grounded…so, it’ll be a while before I return to the forum again!!
Maybe months, before I return…