Forum Member of the Week - 032: LimeZ

When you think of limes, EDM music isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, @LimeZ makes great EDM music! Listen to his music here!

Give feedback, and maybe be chosen for next week starting Sep 9, 2018!


Yeah. @LimeZ is pretty good at EDM music.

Thanks @anon2811266 and @Osharu :smile:


@LimeZ I’m in a rush, so I’ll give feedback on my two favorites:

Blitz: Wow! That drop was really good. One thing that is really important in a dubstep song, though, is variation. The drop gets a little bit boring, so try to switch it up a little halfway through. Also, for the intro, the bass is really loud, maybe choose a different one or turn the volume down? Final thought - the melody seems a bit off - like it doesn’t fit the chords you chose. Overall, though, awesome track!

Cyclone Remix: (I don’t know if I can give feedback on a remix but I will for now) I’ve heard the original before and you turned @anon40211422’s song into something completely different! The drop was really nice, in my opinion! Not much else I can say except for the fact that the mix was kind of muddy and cluttered. Overall, I think this track is your best yet!

Overall, you definitely have a lot of potential as a great EDM artist!
Keep up the good work!

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Glad to see this returning, good work @Osharu. If you need any assistance, let me know and I can help out in any way necessary.

Unfortunately I am at a funeral right now, so I will listen to the tracks later. Even though I still have a full house work shift at McDonald’s i’m Going to make more of an effort to participate in this once again.


You’ve still got like a week to listen to them, take your time.

“I think youre doing a good job with tge dubstep feel with the bass and such. One thing for me is id change the last half of the first melody loop, the one that was chromatic(?) the second half of that instrument loop felt like it was random while the first sounded really good… just some friendly feedback :)” - my comment on Blitz

Ruthless (vip) was also good. I liked the bass in the stop really well

And I The drops could be harder but it’s cool the way it is :ok_hand:t2:

Genesis is my favorite


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You are sour

Just kidding limes are kinda sweet

Your tracks are :ok_hand: btw :stuck_out_tongue:

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good stuff dude, i like your style - really diggin your Cyclone remix

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Limes are sweet…

and spicy :smirk:

thx :slight_smile:

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Oh, so you have to give feedback to be chosen. That… makes sense. Time to dive into LimeZ’s inventory.


Ok I was going through your stuff, and I found the hall of the mountain king thing… THATS SO COOL it’s awesome that you put it in 6/8, that’s such a creative thing that I never could have thought of.

I think in general, after listening to tracks like Blitz and Ruthless, I’m definitely getting the EDM energy, but melodies, chord progressions, and basslines sometimes seem random. I think the melodic patterns is what you should work on to improve, but I think so far, you’re doing very well.

Keep up the great work and neat music!


@LimeZ, I will say, Genesis is one of my favorite tracks that you have done so far! I truly enjoy listening to it! Keep up the good work! :+1:


Sorry for not replying too quickly, but thanks.