Forum Member of the Week - 02: Phoenix!

I’m almost done lol

Falling is my favorite. I just love songs with lyrics and the track is soon amazing. Liked and reposted

Really enjoying Clarity EP; very well made. Liked the playlist and followed :smile:

Alright guys here it is

Hope you guys enjoy


I might have someone vip remix this with me when the update drops

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Wow, this is heavy.

It’s a real shame that I haven’t listened to your stuff much before…
His style, cool wubs, dope heavy sounds, solid build-ups… just damn good…
Keep up!!!

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Reminder - If you haven’t provided any feedback for Phoenix - and want to - then do it soon before his week ends. :slight_smile:

This sounds really awesome! I love how you made the drums sound! I wish I had looked at your music earlier.

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@Phoenix, I just listened to Abyss. I gotta say, I love that big bad bass ya got there, nice job!

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Hey Phoenix, thanks for being our forum member of week 2!