Forum Member of the Week - 02: Phoenix!

@Sunny I originally was gonna have lyrics but the person I wanted to collab with didn’t want to. Does anyone else sing on the forum?

And yeah it is fun collaborating with @Zeph

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I’m gonna be posting a cool trap/riddim song on Thursday(or Friday for some of you) so stay tuned!

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Left you some comments!


Listened, liked and followed.

I like your drum tracks; the way you vary them. Sometimes it’s only a single extra beat, but it’s enough to keep it interesting and shows that you’re paying attention to detail.

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Oh yeah, I’ve already heard a lot of your stuff, it’s really good! Definitely an underrated producer–I can tell you have a lot of talent. I think you’re best at the trap stuff. Only advice I have for you is that I think you should produce more :grin:


I’m with Andrew, definitely an underrated Auxy producer. I first heard of you recently when working on the blackocean midnight ramen remix and then again while working on the aUstin Haga changes remix, both of which you did as well and both were super good! Your sound is just really polished and professional sounding, and has a great energy. I’m continually impressed with your other songs as well. I don’t feel like I have the best feedback since I’m not to familiar with trap stuff, but I can offer my two cents about music in general. That is: good music is like a good meal, or good piece of visual art, you need contrast, various textures to keep interest, and a cohesive storyline that’s compelling and easy to follow from the beginning to the end. I’m not saying your music is absent if this, but I heard a couple spots where, at least to my ear, there was some opportunity to explore! Hope that makes sense. Awesome work so far!


For some reason I totally missed your last few uploads, so this proves again that this forum member of the week thingy is great.
I agree with @MisterMaster concerning the drums; they are really cool. I also really like your heavier and more experimental stuff, therefore I’m wondering why you haven’t made extended mixes of ‘Fallen’ and ‘Cataclysm’ yet :thinking:. Keep it up man!


Love the melody of Night fall.

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HOW HAVE I NOT LISTENED TO YOU BEFORE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?
Sorry for that :grin:
I just LOVE your music. You are one of the greatest Auxy creators in my eyes. I LOVE Fallen the most of all your songs. I also really like Clarity. Another I really love is Falling. Love the chords and the vocals.
You, are truly amazing.
I honour you.
Thank you


I’m almost done lol

Falling is my favorite. I just love songs with lyrics and the track is soon amazing. Liked and reposted

Really enjoying Clarity EP; very well made. Liked the playlist and followed :smile:

Alright guys here it is

Hope you guys enjoy


I might have someone vip remix this with me when the update drops

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Wow, this is heavy.

It’s a real shame that I haven’t listened to your stuff much before…
His style, cool wubs, dope heavy sounds, solid build-ups… just damn good…
Keep up!!!

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Reminder - If you haven’t provided any feedback for Phoenix - and want to - then do it soon before his week ends. :slight_smile:

This sounds really awesome! I love how you made the drums sound! I wish I had looked at your music earlier.

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@Phoenix, I just listened to Abyss. I gotta say, I love that big bad bass ya got there, nice job!

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