For anyone who wants to make music on a PC or Laptop This is just a sample of a website called Check it out!

Is this advertising? XD
Totally kidding but this is an Auxy forum…

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I was saying if you want to make music on a PC or Mac, use it. I wan’t trying to advertise and I’m sorry FOR doing it…:confused:

Well i know its just that this is AUXY. The developers arent gonna like that there are other music making sites on the AUXY forum.

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Have you used Soundation?

Yes I have.

Traitor. We use auxy here.


Oh… I wish I could be sarcastic like @Captain
(Not sarcasm)

idk if thats a compliment.

im sarcastic by nature.

It’s a compliment
I’d love to be sarcastic by nature

my parents hate it lol

Eh… well… yeah…
My reaction to everything

I was just curious to hear more thoughts on it then. There are tons of different apps out there but I’m always interested in hearing if people find specific things that they really like etc.

I mean rn? I don’t really like it all that much. I just wanted other people to hear what I remember hearing in the years I was on it. Also soundation does NOT have an app since I specified in the title: “For anyone who wants to make music on a PC or Laptop” implying that.

Trying to state the facts