"Following the Sun" - From Auxy to release

“Following The Sun” started out as a little sketch I was working on in Auxy on my iPhone. I was sitting on a park bench in Ghent, Belgium, on the last little side trip my wife and I would take while living in Europe. It was one of those perfect Spring nights, and the sunset lasted for hours it felt like. Definitely a feeling of closure in this song for me, putting one chapter of my life behind me and looking forward to the next.

The initial Auxy sketch I made was exported into Ableton Live 10, where I did all the arranging, editing, and mixing. On top of the core Auxy ideas, there’s bits and pieces of OB-6, Wavetable, and my acoustic guitar through the Timeline and HOF. Mixed entirely using Live 10’s plug-ins, mastering via DMG’s Equilibrium and Limitless.



Love this. Not what I expected from the picture and title but it’s really cool.

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Thanks, I’ll have to think about a different name perhaps.

I think it’s fine.

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Feels like I am there :slight_smile:

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Wow, that’s amazing! I could really feel the emotion!

Works for me. Really like it. Mix of styles going on ambient, chill, Balearic…
Could easily see this fitting in with a Café del Mar set.

Also, really like that you gave some background on the inspiration and the process… :+1: :+1:

…and you mentioned your hardware, incl. your pedal fx.
I have the HoF2 and a few other pedals. I’d like a Timeline (and a Big Sky) at some point. I don’t my hardware synths and pedals anywhere near enough, especially given what I spent on it - although I’m planning to get more.

Forgot to ask…

10? Didn’t think that was out until early next year.

(I’m a little miffed. I coughed up £400+ for 9 Suite upgrade less than a month ago. It’s gonna cost me another £128 if I want to move to 10 when it drops – which I do, given the shiny new features. :wink:

Thanks everyone, glad you liked the track and the vibe that it created. I like listing the gear and a little bit about the song when I release them, it not only gives people an idea of what I was trying to create, but also serves as a reminder for me years down the road :slight_smile: (Pro tip: I also embed this same info in the Lyrics sections of any compressed files I distribute of my songs).

About Live 10, I work for Ableton so I’ve had access to it for some time. akabillposters, you should try contacting Ableton and see if they’ll cut you a deal. Often times when people buy the last version so close to the cutoff of the new version they can work something out for you. No promises, but worth at least asking :wink:


Awww, no fair!

I should say, I love pretty much everything you lot are doing as a company/brand at the moment.
From products through to the brand identity itself, but especially what you folks are doing re: online content (video and articles) and events.
Great to see a brand so pro-active.

(I had a Push 2, but sold it on as I wasn’t using it. [I bought it before I was ready.] I expect I’ll buy it again down the line, when my workflow is more up to it. Nice piece of kit.)

Ableton is the only sticker I have on my very not cheap and still quite new MacBook Pro – Yes, straight on top of the Apple logo. :wink:


If I may ask, how did you export the song from Auxy to Ableton?

Export, then Export individual instruments.

…often referred to as the ‘stems’.

(for anyone who may not have known).