Flume - Rushing Back (Flynn T remix) ft. Vera Blue




Splicing acapela loops to fit into Auxy is honestly a pain in the butt. I have done it before with Roller Coaster by JOWST, but its definitely not a favored process. SO to start, hats off to you for going through the process of fitting the loop into Auxy via snipping in GarageBand. That itself takes a good while. Also good job at 0:48 for the percussive tom fill, don’t know if that’s a sample or not, either or fantastic job. Keep it up! Definitely an amazing track

Thanks heaps man, good to know someone else feels like it’s a pain to import samples haha


God-tier stuff, mate. Hats off to you for going through all that effort and have it pay off like this. Bless.

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Nice job :+1:

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