Flight - Tropical Original [Remastered] *The Continuum* #5

Hello everyone! I know I’ve made this song before and at first when i was remastering this i didn’t feel like it should have went on the album. The reason why i was going to do that was because since i already made this song in the past i really should just leave it alone and not put it with other album tracks.

But as the usual i needed some songs and i want to get done before the end of the next month. I’m working very hard to come up with some songs and i’m taking my time to get them finished. When i do finish this album i’m going to be taking a few months off from making music. Not that i don’t like making music anymore, i just need time to get myself all studied up and ready to make better music. (Not that my music is good already.)

As soon as i can get these songs up the better. But… Its no rush. Some songs may be delayed also. But as always, enjoy my little remastered of one of my favorite songs to make so far.

Listen to the song at least half way. The start of the song was its original its just longer and i did some major tweaks. I added some Wub Wubs, a few nice stop and go Bass lines, and some more melodic’s. But its really nice to finally remaster this. I’ve took some effort into making this sound descent.

Okay… enough jibber jabber. Enjoy.

Soundcloud: Flight - Tropical Madman (Remastered)