FLB100 - Restless EP


Just two small Lo-Fi tracks for you all!
Thanks for listening


On “Restless”, really love what you’ve done in the intro with the phasing and warbling of the tuning on the keys. Awesome effect and done really well. Solid track.

On “This Feeling” I would have either filtered the tambourine sound a bit, or just lowered the volume if you wanted it to stand out in the mix, it seems a bit prominent in the first part at least. Once your filtered lead comes in it’s not as in the face. Both tracks are well done, really laid back. I enjoyed them both. Artwork is simple but effective, fits the mood very nicely.

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Thank you! I found a really good vst and when I heard the pitch wobble my first thought was “it’s lofi time”. I definitely agree with your thoughts on this feeling, and the sample actually had low pass on it, but it kinda just lowered the volume