Fixing Your Beats For A Video

Wait WYA77 going back to YouTube?! Yes sir I am! And for my next video I’m going to take submitted beats, and tell you how I would improve upon them. Now this is all subject to my opinion so don’t feel like my way is the CORRECT way to go about it. Everyone has a style once they find it and no ones is the same. Submit belowwww


Is this for already posted songs, or is it for unfinished wips?

Up to you. Just know I’m gonna try to improve your stuff in my own way so if you WANT a finished song improved that’s you

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How about this one? A wip of mine called “Pro”

I got you bro

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Have fun
All demo sounds so should be plenty to mess around with

SC link for full

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Thanks man

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Here’s one of a finished song. I’d like to feedback on this so I can improve for my future projects. (Totally not because I don’t have any projects due to lack of inspiration)

Also, I think this is a great idea, and even if you don’t use my project, I’d love to see the videos you make!


Too true, my dude!


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Don’t know if you need more tracks but here ya go…

FIRST VIDEO OUT!! Thank you @Osharu for the beat. Let me know yall want me to look at more and work more



I could’ve sworn I posted it

My bad

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Great video! Looking forward to more!

here is a project link to a song of mine called Something New. I’m open to any criticism & changes if you’re still taking submissions! :smiley:

@El1011 I started recrding your episode and it stopped recording so sorry for the wait

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all good my guy