Fixing the size of Soundcloud players in posts

FAO: @lenberg

Firstly, great to see that it’s possible to post Soundcloud players in posts again. Thanks :+1:

QQ: Can anything be done to fix the layout/width issue?
They appear as tall, thin blocks, using a fraction of the available width, even on mobile.
They would be more useful and usable if they made better use of the available width.


In my totally non-professional, non-admin opinion, it seems like Discourse isn’t rendering properly from If you put in a Bandcamp link, you get the mini player like always. In the example of Alch’s track the URL is actually which is something newer I guess, weird Google tie in. If I put a full URL to a track on SC it also doesn’t render (this may or may not have always been the behavior? I kind of remember always posting track art as an attachment here, and then posting SC link below it. Maybe that’s why…)

I also found this article, but it’s not anything specific to Discourse Embedded players – SoundCloud Help Center - already tried the iframe embed here and it does not work, I end up with two links… very strange. That’s about all the cycles I can spend on this right now lol.