Fix and how to make Track impressive and better?


  • I am using iphone 6 to create music! When listening on the phone headset, it was very loud and nice but when I finished and uploaded the soundcloud, the sound was a bit smaller and it sounded very disappointing! I created 17 songs but the last 3 tracks have such symptoms! My sound class is neither too much nor too little! For example, the chords in a Future Bass song I use at least 2-3 and at most 3-4 to do it … So how to improve my music! Please help me! :frowning_face: :disappointed: :persevere:

Do you mix your tracks?


wait ! how can i mix my track ?

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Theres many ways to mix. Theres no strict rule saying you need 3 band eqs to mix.

Try playing around with the hi-pass for your leads and melodies. Just a little bit, so that your bass wont blend.

Maybe use the chorus to widen the sound of your leads.

Pan your drum kits to give more stereo imaging.

Try to keep the reverbs to as few instruments as possible. Mainly the noticable ones. Or it would make the entire track muddy.

A lot of producers like to double-layer instruments to make it louder but personally, i try to avoid it, because of the unintentional distortion.

If you need distortion, then use distortion.


Oh woah! Thanks for advices ! It helps me a lot! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Well I make music on iPhone X.

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I would also say something you should do if you want a better track in the end that sounds smooth, is don’t leave in the middle of making the demo. If you leave while making the demo, you often lose inspiration for it, or if not, you end up with 2 different ideas clashing in your song.


Use high pass for chords and melodies, to remove the low frequencies and so they don’t mess with the bass

I also most of the times remove the high frequencies on a bass, just to make it less muddy, you can do that by using lowpass

If you have chord stabs, and use a piano for that with some extra synths, you can distort the piano. There’s a high chance it sounds bad alone, but with some extra hard synths added, it can really spice your stabs up

I can show you an example of how I mix my tracks if you want😁

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I assume you mean this only for the louder parts in a song, like the drop and build? Because you can use a lot of reverb on some instruments in the intro, as long as the reverb is not too much

Definitely. But this is just technically. Artistically, dont let anyone tell you how to sound design lol

If there isnt much going on in the intro then definitely it needs some atmosphere to catch peoples attention. I dont do it because i like my mix dry and texture-ish.