First and last track this year!

Post your first and last tracks this year, so we can see how far you’ve grown!

P.S. If this post has already been made, sorry in advance. :stuck_out_tongue:

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My first track of 2019 remained unreleased until now:
My last track of this year, while still currently a wip, will be finished in just a few days:

Edit: It appears that this will actually be my last track of the year:

6 January, 2019 - Neo Sapphire (in F)

As of 21 September, 2019 - Mesosphere Avenue

First one (I only started 7 months ago):

Last real song: - First one this year. - Most recent one this year.

Tbh, I don’t really think I’ve grown this much this year. I’m happy with the quality of the tracks I make but it hasn’t really changed that much from prior years. I personally prefer the sound of my older released like Nebula compared to now, but I’m working to bring some of it back in 2020.


Forgot my first/last tracks!

First: Airborne

Last: Beyond

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First track:

Last track (last FULL-LENGTH track):

(excluded my most recent release × M∆TH + IS - H∆RD ÷ because, while it is a track that I’m super proud of, it was more of an experimentation to see how much I could do with how little)

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