Finding New Artists via Soundcloud Weekly

A great way to find hot new Auxy Jams to listen to is on your custom SoundCloud weekly page. Simply click home in the top left corner and you should see near the top or middle of your screen your weekly playlist. If you’re like me and listen to basically ONLY Auxy, your algorithm should have pulled up either Auxy songs you’ve previously listened to, artists similar/related to the ones you follow and listen to, or new jams with similar tags. Through this I’ve found a lot of hidden gems in our community.
So if you’re looking for something knew, try your SC weekly playlist!


Another way I’ve found to be very helpful is following a lot of Auxy artists. Generally, Auxy musicians will repost other Auxy songs, including many I’ve never heard before, which helps me find new talent (and sometimes ideas about what genre I should try to make next).

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