Fiji Remix [Open to Everyone] - Octavo


Hello. I am returning to the disco after rethinking my decision to leave this wonderful community.

Anyways, here I present a challenge to all of you about my recent track, Fiji. Here I have the project stems ready for use including some important external audio samples. My challenge to you all is to totally change the sound of this track. Be creative and expressive as much as possible.

A few ground rules:

  1. The track must not be similar to the original. Find a new perspective of the original and go with it.

  2. You must use the provided external audio samples. Manipulate or distort them to your liking but you must use them in the song.

  3. You may change the tempo and key of the song but keep the same time frame. Maximum of 3 mins.

  4. You must format your track as Octavo - Fiji (ArtistName Remix) and use the album art above. Album art also included in the “Project File”.

  5. Have fun! And post here the link to the track

This is open to anyone and depending on the amount of people who participate,
the top 3 will be put on a playlist on SC and the best track will be featured in my upcoming album.

Edit: Open to anyone to remix

No Deadline

Have Fun and I can’t wait to hear what you have in store!

P.S. spread the word! The more people the more fun!

  • all the samples are included thank you to @Hexx


Project file: Fiji Stems+Samples


sounds cool! ill join


I think some samples are missing


I included the samples in the folder to a google drive.


Yea same I think some aren’t there


Out of the four drum kits, only the samples from the last one are there


ok all fixed


you can grab the rest of the samples. sorry about that


same to you. you can grab the rest of the samples in the project file


I think I have something. You want the public link?



that was hella fast dude holy cow




I’ll join!


When does this end?


Nevermind I see it


oof ill finish my entry real soon


Aaa im late


No your fine. At this point I’m going to change the contest into an open remix opportunity


Are you still remixing this?