FHTNH - Oli4-8 [Electronic]


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Funky (heavily syncopated), ambient/drone, techno –ish, right? :slight_smile:

Took me a little while to get my head in the rhythm – and I’m still not sure I have it at 4:05, when the snare comes in on what I thought was the down beat.
Seems like you’re messing around with bars and rhythms in subtle ways. It’s subtly challenging.

I like it – I think. I’m not sure. I know that I don’t dislike it, if that helps.
Gonna take me a couple more listens till I ‘get it’.

[Edit: I’m a few listens in and that snare is still catching me out.
But, I’m warming to the use of Hour.]

Feedback that I can give…

‘Subtly epic’. :wink:

As always, I like that you work texturally. Not afraid to layer subtly and let the vibe carry it through.

Maybe it’s the drone (I’ve been using drones a lot in recent weeks). :+1: :+1:

Kinda wish you’d pushed further away from the stock sounds, especially in the use of Hour.
Similarly, the kick feels insubstantial. Mostly click and air, not much at the low end.

(Maybe that’s just me though. Recently, I’ve been systematically ‘de-clicking’ all the kicks I use, then using layering to add character. Not a fan of any of the default sounds of the stock kicks.)

[Edit 2: It’s a grower. Liked and Reposted. :+1: :slight_smile:

Re: Tricky syncopation/‘rhythmic displacement’


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Classy. :ok_hand:

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Amazing analysis ! Did i have done this version with knowledge here : no. But I like jazz a lot and was a player of saxophone. And I like this syncopes sound a lot.
Thanks again a lot for your listening really active and your great feedback!

I have done then a second version which is for now final version



Thanks a lot to for your support!

Thanks a lot also for all my listeners who spent (a lot ) of their time to try my experiment.

And just for you :wink: I have done the full syncopated version: