Feelings - Hexx

https://soundcloud.com/hexx-official/feelings What y’all think?

The track has a nice vibe in the start and continues in such a way that it doesn’t get boring. The rising pitch drop warning (as I like to call it) is also executed nicely. However the beat drop bass instrument seemed a bit out of place for something like this. Maybe a marginally lighter instrument would help a lot. My favourite part was around 2:14 where all of the instruments merged and that’s when the bass truly felt at home with the theme of the song. With a title like ‘feelings’ expected a more subtle approach to the drop and that would make it much more enjoyable. The piano was also tuned very nicely and the drum set has good samples that flow well with the feel of the track. Overall I’d give it a 7.5/10

But I don’t even know what genre I’m making so what do I know

Edit: I just listened to the track again and I realised that using orchestral strings for this would have sounded awesome

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Really cool track! that drop is prefect, song have nice flow to it, really cool

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