Feedback wanted
So multiple people have told me this sucks but I still like it. Still wondering if I should post it. I except all feedback even “iT sUcKS gET a LiFE”

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well as you accept all feedback, then firstly (i don’t want to sound like a nerd or anything) but i think it’s “accept” instead of “except”

ok and about the music:

  1. it’s not really bad, but it lacks transitions (so when you have a key/mood change, make a little drum fill, maybe a subtle riser)
  2. the purr bass is too distorted imo, so maybe decrease the distortion and maybe lowpass it
  3. puffer is too loud imo, maybe also add a bit lowpass to it

and yeah that’s pretty much all

i like the instrument selection and the sample, pretty unique

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thx dude for feedback also me spelling “accept” wrong is my fault lol

iT sUcKS gET a LiFE

okay yeah I self deprecate too much

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