Feedback Wanted - [Jax] [Wip]


Welp. I don’t know what to do with this one. Any feedback?

Ps, just want to clarify that I am not collabing for this one, so if you do edit this, don’t invest yourself too much. :upside_down_face:


Alan walker


Any feedback guys?


Here’s an updated version


Wait, never mind: here


I see what you are doing in the song, but I think you could implement the idea better. It has a good Alan Walker melody in there that could be catchier imo, but it’s still good. I think you give give it more of a dance vibe if you add more chords and/or plucks.
like this maybe:


It is a great song nonetheless!


Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!


Anytime my man!


Here we go, updated with a new melody.

Don’t know if I like this one or the other one more. Lmk what you think


I like it.




Yes! I love the new melody. The song sound great now, maybe alter the chords so they blend with the melody and you’re set!

(PS don’t follow everything I say, I am no professional, and this is still 100% your track :wink:)


Where have I heard that melody before?

Anyways sounds awesome :grin:


I know! i made it and i realized it kinda sounded familiar but i just thought that was because i made it.
And thx!