Feedback on my new soundcloud name and design


I decided to change my name on soundcloud and YouTube from Flyzilla to Lynx. Are you able to give me any feedback on the design and what you think of the name? :grin:


Whaaat was your old name?


Yeah it’s a nice logo. It may look better drawn out rather than a REAL lynx. And as far as lynx goes, there are probably already a lot of people with that name


There is quite a well known drum and bass producer called Lynx.


My old name was Flyzilla but that started to get old so I decided to start fresh


Yeah, maybe something slightly different…


I don’t make Dnb tho. I think it’s fine to have the same name as long as you don’t make the same thing


A bit more complicated than that


Yeah I guess😅. But what would I change it to


Something unique enough to get you more fans :slight_smile:


Heck I’m not the best at thinking of original names :joy:.


Something you like / meaningful to you is always best.


yah might be a good idea


Lol good point😅


How about Bastione or Bastion? They relate to my name.

And don’t bring up NERF BASTION on me


Maybe a misspelling of Bastion. I really like how that sounds




Bastian LIT AF :fire:


nerf bastion


What kind of picture would I use tho? A castle? Or something :joy: