“Feedback” Bubble - By XLXK [future bass dubstep trap]

I need some feedback, what needs to be toned down, removed, or added! All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Credit to @BenVacca for the piano at the beginning :pray:
I will no longer provide the project link as it’s almost complete!

Edit- This is no longer needed but you are welcome to see what the drop looked like/ how it was made (was original post)

I have tried to make a intro and part of a outro but nothing I try works well. I wanted like a chill piano Type intro but I don’t know what to put . Any ideas etc leave comment, :pray:thanks.

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I LOVE the song. would you like me to try to make a intro and outro and then DM you when im finished? :rofl:

Yea that works!
And I apreaciate that you like it :sweat_smile:

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Your welcome! I’ll get to work in a sec! Prob have it ready sometime tomorrow

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