Favourite Packs?πŸ€”

I’m just curious to know what are your favourite packs, mine are 7 Skies Selection and RAC Essentials!:+1:


Same lol

Mine as well. Plus Vivrant and piano

Vivrant, RAC, 7 Skies. I’d say I regularly use about half the sounds on each.
Passed on the new one.
Vintage good but kinda samey.

Vivrant and RAC

I really like the pianos, I like adding in that kind of music.

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7 skies and piano

Vivrant, 7 Skies, RAC, Future.

RAC and Vivrant

My order would probably be:

  1. 7 Skies
  2. Pianos
  3. Vivrant
  4. Future
  5. RAC
  6. Vintage keys

They’re all great, though!