Favorite Skrillex Song?

Now. We all have to know about Skrillex. If you don’t, who are you??? Well, anyways. Skrillex has become a lot of inspired artist to some of us, but would keep it simple, ‘cause he’s too popular and it would be obvious. But, the question is, what song that he made is your favorite, or your most interested? |||| My opinion: Skrillex & The Game - El Chapo


The Zedd Remix

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Still Bangarang, it hits hard


Breaking a Sweat, Scatta, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Kyoto, Bangarang, Equinox (First Of The Year) and Dirty Vibe

The track called F#ck That from Recess album is so sick. And some remix for GTA track called Red Lips is amazing.

Banarang, Recess and chicken soup

Also his remixes of bad man and red lips

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the only song I know from Skeillex is Bangarang because of Sugar Pine 7

Well…Rock n Roll (Will Take You To the Mountain) is my favorite

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What about that new Humble remix though?! :fire:

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Make it Bun Dem!!! :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

I change my mind, my new favorite Skrillex song is Still Gettin It with Foreign Beggars.

also wake up

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Bangarang or Reccess


everyone else probably hates it

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i like it

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yay :blush: