Favorite New Sounds?


Tonsil, beam, and the impacts are a few of my favs.


Definitely Blend and Tonsil, these are the new Silk for me.
Also Otter with new tone options is bae.


I’ve been using Twitch the new demo sound. It’s sounds great when I put it together with other songs.


sweet, sweet bongos and congas.


I’m in love with Fragment with tone


It is a nice addition, but it’s gonna get rinsed and tired pretty quickly, imo.

A ‘once and done’ sound for me.


Agreed on Tonsil. Nice to play with, but it’s a bit obvious for my tastes. See how it goes stacked with other sounds.


All the sounds have many different uses.
You just have to think of them. :wink:


Agree. But it won’t be through lack of people trying to tweak.
I just expect there to be a constant stream of people using it largely unadulterated as a lead.

The Shape and Tone don’t really offer much wiggle room for character; Attack and Vibrato respectively.
Dropping down LPF gives you a Organ-ish sound.

Not criticising the sound, per se. Just that it probably would have been good to drop a range of voice/breathy sounds, covering a range of timbres, in the V5 launch, so Tonsil doesn’t have to meet the demand alone.

Maybe a couple of Oooohs, Eeees, etc… to go with that Aaaah. :wink:


you know why i like Beam because it works for future bass chords


Mental, gossip, castle, and crook. It’s been YEAR!


The ancient texts should lay undisturbed.


Are you sure?


Subway, Freak, Barber, Restart, Climb, SiL_k_, All the guitars, ocean, clap 08 of transcendent trap, All Of A Thudden, and snare 05 from beats from the bass ship.


Try silk with tone all the way up. Beautiful choir sound :wink:


Fuze is my new favorite lead/bass sound


Squash and Aubergine are hot


C a r r o t


Silk, cuz


we get it, future bass