Favorite New Sounds?



You just went there.


I chose a random clap sound from the Leviathan 2 pack, 110 sounds pretty…



I can’t name them


I will probably never get around to ALL the drums. There are over 1000


Vapor and Vessel.


I friggin love the new shape/tone on Otter, Doodle and Needy, especially Needy. It’s easily now one of my favorite basses. Also, Nu Disco time!


I actually really like Otter now.


Loving the sampling so far! I just made a cool beat with random crap that was laying around my room.


Sweet. I’m planning on trying something like that soon but haven’t gotten out a mic yet.


I have the AudioCopy app (it’s kinda bad) and just used my phone’s mic


I’ve tested it by emailing samples to myself.


Man, there are so many! Loving Climb with Tone as a sound effect. And the drums are just… wow. I love them all tbh.


Did you get premium?




Kick 12 low pitch and high pitch


Mascara, Spray, Tonsil. The Destiny pack is actually one of the best ever imo


I’m liking the ‘Boom Bass’ pack.


SAME here.


Gossip isn’t that obnoxious anymore

Mascara sounds nice, but the bending really needs to have it’s own knob.


It’s a kit.