Favorite New Sounds?


Auxy 5 has dropped! What are your favorite new sounds? I dig the Organic Percussions and Mascara. Also Racer and Bomb.


Mascara and Racer are cool


Haven’t gotten to a lot of the drums yet


Melodic: Racer, Poke, Bite, Spray, Tonsil,
Drum Presets: Twitch, Shell, Ledge,
Samples: Hybrid Snare 2, All the glass tap samples.


I like Glare, Spray, Tonsil, and many of the drums :smile:


I am broke


Guys Jelly has tone now


Mustard :call_me_hand:t3:


Is there a sound called Mustard I overlooked?


The new ones.
Boom basses seem sorta like filler to me, but I love em nonetheless.
Tonsil is life.


Everything has tone/shape now. Atom, Climb, Journey, and Joker all have phasers as a result.


like this post if twitch is one of your favorite drum kits


Aaaahhhhhh yyeeeeessss this is great!


DUDES…if ya haven’t checked out the IMPACT section yet…head on over there.

And yes, lenberg did put a big-boy word in there.


I really like mascara


I love the boom basses. They are great. They actually sound like the bass auxy was kinda missing before.


I’d have to say… Kick 287.


move aside silk, tonsil is my new favorite instrument


this one instrument, Bee is pretty good kek


Organic Percussion 32 :bomb::smoking: