Favorite House Genre?


Electro house/ progressive house


Progressive house!!!

(Hint hint) deadmau5


BWOMP! all about that Bass House, yo!


And Drum’n’bass right?


Which isnt house… xD


Drum n bass is closer to a breakbeat genre xDDDDDDD


I love Future Bass, Future Bounce and Deep House!


Future House followed by progressive


thanks for the money i now have a FULL LIST of ALL the house types. as always, this is including but not limited to the following:

Acid House
Afro House
Bass House
Big Room House
Chicago House
Dark House
Deep House
Disco House
Electro House
Euro House
Future House
Garage House
Glitch House
Hard House
Melodic House
Minimal House
Progressive House
Tech House
Tribal House
Tropical House

you’re welcome :pray:


Thanks man. That Burger was delicious!


All of those sound the same to you? Besides the “Four-On-The-Floor” kick pattern found throughout House music, is there any other thing that makes them sound similar to you?


Ive been making some kind of mixture of dubstep, hard bass, and chiptune house recently

Its something like this

Of course its harder to make on auxy but i still make it: https://app.auxy.co/projects/pXXGXyEha50lOrOdSuBzMg==


The bass, and more drums (not just the kick) as well. And the whole rhythm
of the track, I guess. I did say (scroll up) that I’m not a house fan :joy:
so I wouldn’t know


There’s too much choice :cold_sweat:


Honestly to me, it seems like people are just sticking random words in front of “house” and calling it a genre. I’m not even sure what regular house is.

How to make Future house

exactly, but regular house is like 4 on the floor with some other stuff.
i am preparing for an outlash of enraged house fanatics.


Nah, that’s practically house.


Electro House & Tropical House.


Yeah I thought the same thing before I started listening to a lot of it. Also thought the same about other genres as well like rock, classical, etc.


It’s gotta be Future House for me.