Far blue - [Project, Collab?]


Check it out and tell me if you want to collab with me on this song :grin:


I would love to, but I’m worried that I won’t have much time to do a collab.
(Plus I’m demo and I can only edit the Melody sub second from top).

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I doubled timed the beat and added some shuffling for a little flavor. Threw in some small piano accents as well and slowed it down 5bpm. Some little basic additions just to see ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Oh yeah, forgot I brought it down a half-step to G.

It doesnt matter if you are subscribed or not bro we can work a way out :). If you want to we can collab

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Thanks dude👍🏻. Nice addittions

I’m up for a collab. Turns out I have a couple of weeks free ATM.

Ok nice lets get working than :slight_smile:

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Is it the project above we’re working on? I know Dadmother started on this project.

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I think dadmothers addition is nice. What do you think?

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Ok so we will contiune from that one😁

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Sure. You want me to start doing something or you going to continue?

P.S. It might be best to continue this in DMs.