Falter - Hern [Experimental]

Here is a bit of a strange case where I really had no idea what to select as a single for my new album, as really any song I would pick would be misleading in some way. I have chosen this song as I think it’s one of the more instantaneous and straight forward songs on the album. However, don’t expect the album to be like this song.

This is a piece of experimental plunder-phonics that samples things like Primus, RATM, Justice, and Soundgarden. I don’t assume that many people will be into this at all, and that’s why I’ve been so hesitant to release anything from this album.

Anyway, the song is here: https://soundcloud.com/hernmusicofficial/falter

Image is here:

Hope you enjoy and if you didn’t please tell me why. Try to keep criticism constructive.


Very interesting concept!


Wow. That photo looks fire. I wish I could make like that. Wait I can.