Falling Stars (Album)

yeet. new album😎

well done. not often you find well put together auxy tracks with a format that make sense


Hey @CTRL_TIME - looks like you made Falling Stars?

It was a fun listen. I had to track you down on Google and come to this page. I suggest you expand your social media presence; Instagram is literally the last social site I would check for a musician.

The only reason I found your album was you credit “Stardust” on track 3. You might want to fix your tags in Spotify, because Stardust maps back to the Daft Punk-associated group. Or maybe you remixed/sampled them, I don’t know.

I love the cover. How was it made?



Also, the Stardust CTRL-TIME credited is the one on this forum. I don’t think they (stardust) have a Spotify, which is why the wrong person got credited.