Falling Away (WIP, Minimal House)

Falling Away (Artist name TBD)
(WIP, Minimal House, 121 bpm)

Piano-based, organic, minimal house.


Still some work to be done — transitions and detailing, M&M, etc… — but the structure and vibe is more or less there.

Thoughts and feedback welcome.


Love the shuffle on the hats throughout. Great sample selection there. The squarey lead is such a nice cut through the slow and low roll of everything else.

Like you said the mix needs a bit more massage, there’s parts where I think I’d either roll off the bass a bit, or maybe even better cut the lows off the piano while the bass is particularly busy. I can’t pinpoint any specific sections it happens through, it’s not a deal breaker but I feel like at certain times they’re fighting with each other.

The structure I dig though, I’m not usually one for long techno/house tracks but you kept my attention throughout!


Hey, dude!
Thanks for chiming in.

Funny you :+1: on the hat selection as that’s something I’m specifically doubting — thinking that something tighter and crisper might be needed (but that might be what normally goes there, so maybe I’ll just leave as-is. :+1:

The shuffle only went in recently. A few listens through and I felt it just needed that impulse, without going for a swing.

I’ll likely swap out the piano sounds for something more nuanced in Ableton (maybe something from Spitfire Lab). I tend to have one go-to for keys. For piano it’s Noir, but it still has too much of an upright twang to it. Running a heavy LP on it gets it closer, but chokes a lot of the air out of it, making it just sound like a piano with heavy LP roll-off, rather than, say, a felt piano.

I want a sense of delicate-ness and nuance in the performance, which I’ll get from a decent sample library and proper velocity control.

I need to layer something over the bass, as it’s lacking some presence on anything with poor bass response.

Also want to swap out the lead(-ish) sound for something richer and less tubular, though it currently cuts through quite nicely.

Haven’t done a proper listen on my ref headphones, so hopefully a lot of the mix issues will be spotted and evened out.

Btw, did you pick up that the track uses a 7-bar structure (3+4), rather than a standard 4 or 8?

Wanted to do something a little ‘non-standard’, but not so much that it felt self-conscious or disruptive to the flow/vibe.

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Come on, folks. :point_up: :point_up_2:
Would be great to hear some more feedback. :wink:

Sounds nice! Reminds me of “Kiasmos”.

The Bass is nice. I like the sound and the pattern. I do think the tone is a little boomy, particularly around 45-50Hz I took a screen record of it through an eq and spectrum.


I definitely need to get the bass freqs sorted.
I plan to do some tweaking on the track this weekend. :+1:

Definitely an influence.
Somewhere between Kiasmos and Lane 8.

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I can relate. Settling on eq of bass can be tough because the speakers we listen on can vary so widely. I think it’s one of the things I struggle most with.

Look forward to hearing the finished product! Especially if you tap into some spitfire plugins…They make awesome stuff. I just saved up for “Stratus” by Olafur Arnalds—I can see that being really fitting for your track actually.) But even the free “lab” is amazing.

I’d love to explore some more textural soundscapes in this track, but I suspect I’d end up turning it into a poor Kiasmos imitation (if it isn’t already).

Might also swap out the crunchy epiano for something more characterful too. Maybe something from the J3PO sound pack for Addictive Keys Mark One

…or maybe hook up my trusty, little (though possibly most satisfying musical purchase I’ve ever made) Yamaha Reface CP — after all, that’s what I used to improv the melodies, crunches and flourishes that I then sequenced into the latter part of the track.

The Reface CP is fantastically dirty when you max up the Drive and get aggressive with velocity.

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Those sound really nice

obviously never mind if you’ve already seen it… but this was the closest video of just sound samples of Spitfire “stratus” plugin like those ones you sent. they do show the algorithm or pattern grid very briefly towards the end. I haven’t done much with it yet, but I’m in love so far!

But, I’m sure whatever you choose will sound great. From what I’ve heard you’ve got good taste and sensibilities.

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