Fade - INDIR3CT (future bass)

Dear Auxians

I have made another little track and would love to share it with you all. I’ve been cranking to get this song done…and, I think I’ve gotten somewhere. Been really insipred by the Artist DUUMU and his amazing chord progressions. I know you are probably thinking”oh boy another future bass song”… but please, just take a listen. I’ve been trying to focus on layers…lots and lots of layers. This song Contains 6 different layers of chords, 3 different basses, and a few samples here and there to spice it up. In case you are wondering, I’m focusing on posting one track every month, sorry if it seems like a long time… right now I’m just focusing on putting as much quality into each track as possible. Everyone here on the disco has always been tremendously supportive and caring, so. Thanks.
You guys are the best

Here is the link if you wanna take a listen https://soundcloud.com/indir3ct/fade

Thanks again



more like future hybrid Trap. Fire track tho :clap::triumph::+1:

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Beautiful. Even for future bass

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