Facade - Watching The Sunset With You (Released on Melo)


Thanks to @anon73773654 for accepting the track! I hope you all like this!


I’m confused about the shout out to sanab, did you colab on the track with him?

Super mellow vibe though, might have to add it to a fall asleep to playlist. Great use of subtle drum fills. I could learn a bit in that department

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SanaB runs melo, which is the label this track was released on @Bassment_Chemists

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Oh gotcha. I don’t have my finger on the pulse I guess, :joy:.

Thats cool that @anon73773654 started his own label, id love to read the story behind that…

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Listening to the soundcloud label channel I get it now, all the songs are MELLOW, now I don’t even need to make a playlist to fall asleep to, just jump into the label and boom :sleeping:

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My bad, I always use the male pronoun around here as ninety plus percent are…good to know I’m mistaken, err I mean thanks for correcting me

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actually there’s a lot of labels started by auxy people… there’s discord servers for almost all of them, you should join one!