Exporting track vs stems. Compression/mastering difference?

Hi, quick couple of questions for @Auxy or @Fredrik

  1. Is there any kind of mastering compression that happens when rendering the entire track?
  2. Is it the same when exporting instruments/stems?

When I compare the rendered track (wav) to a version recompiled from exported instrument stems (wav) in Ableton Live, the Live version is significantly quieter than the directly exported Auxy reender.

I typically need to do additional mastering, EQing and compression to the Live version to achieve the same mix feel and levels.

It’s not a killer (and it would make sense if you don’t add mastering to exported stems, leaving the stems cleaner for later mastering, etc…), as I use the louder Auxy render export as the reference mix, but I’m curious to know for sure.


Yes, there’s a bunch of master effects applied at all times, so that it sounds the same when you work in the app as when you render a track.

When you export a stem, we run that instrument through the master effects while rendering the files. This means you get a different result than when the tracks are “mastered” together.


Thanks for clarifying. :+1:

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I really appreciate that, because I do like to mix my own stems, and compress them to my own liking.

Eh? I read Lenberg’s post as saying that, even when exporting instruments separately (i.e. stems), each instrument is still individually run through the mastering before export – which presumably includes some level of EQ or at least compression.

i.e. any audio file Auxy outputs already has some level of compression.
It may require different compression after export, but just to clarify, it’s not ‘clean’ coming out of Auxy.

Aw man. :confused:
I miss understood.

Just wanted to correct this answer and say that when you render stems, we turn off the master effects, so each instrument only has its own effects in the exported audio files. Good for DAW use!


Auxy the legeeeend

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there’s no person named understood :rofl:

They do say the key to great comedy is…

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