Export samples as individual audio files?

Hello everyone! I’ve been using Auxy for almost a year now and I’ve noticed that when I export individual stems…the drums will all be in one audio file whereas I would usually like all the drum hits and sample hits to be on their own separate channel for mixing purposes.

Are there going to be options in the future to export the drums individually as well? This would be a huge help because right now it takes well over an hour to sit there and export each drum hit :pensive:

If any of the developers could shine some light on this that would be great!




Interesting question. I haven’t found a way to export individual sound files by themselves. I don’t think there is a way to do that… yet.

Also you said “Drum Rack”… do you use Ableton?

This has been asked for before by myself and a few others. If I am correct, I think it’s something being looked into. It would really help improve so much of the workflow for desktop users.

He means the drum samples. Some people call it a rack, as that’s what they used to be called back in the day (@blakkaz correct me if I am wrong). Pretty sure that’s also what Ableton calls it as well, so the terminology probably transferred over.

Yeah I am an ableton user but my computer crashed so I am exporting to finish on a friend’s computer but it would be really nice to be able to separate all the drum sounds and samples so that they all have their own audio channel!

Thanks guys! That was a quick reply I love it! :slightly_smiling_face:


If you are still looking for a temporary solution, you could always duplicate the project out, make 8 copies of each drum kit and remove each sample aside from one to get those as the tracks, with labeling to help organize it. It’s not a foolproof method and is frankly useless unless the song is 100% done (trust me it never is), so aside from that you could also chop out each hit and use that in the regular rack and reprogram it in ableton. This is the method I do for FL studio, i’ve chopped upwards of 200 samples for the meager selection of samples I use and just reprogram them in (now you all know why my songs sound so alike, I use the same fuckin samples lmao). It’s easier in some regards as making changes on the fly to the drum kits is something I always end up doing in FL anyway. In the future, I do look forward to more export functionality, but for now there are some (albeit bothersome) workarounds.

You could try and use link to record to Ableton or if you have a mac just use QuickTime and record from your phone audio

This is something we have on our list of things that we want to improve. Thanks!


Thanks for the confirmation on this, will really be a great feature in the long run for improving Auxy’s compatibility with other workflows.

I’m a relatively new user, already in love with Auxy and I came here looking for this feature !
I know your ultimate goal is 100% Auxy-produced+mixed hit songs, but let’s face it this is not yet realistic in a pro context (especially for songs, and with purely instrumental tunes you’d mix drums elements on separate tracks).

However anything that helps make the Auxy->DAW workflow smoother means that pro musicians can confidently leave their laptop at home and go for Auxy on their phone / iPad, and know they’re not wasting their time (won’t have to recreate drums from scratch for example)

In addition to separate exports for drum elements, exporting a drum track as an Ableton Drum Rack file (.adg) + MIDI would be insanely cool (this way you can do last minute drum changes in the DAW)


I wholeheartedly agree. However, you can already export midi from the projects and can construct patterns from those as needed. I do think that the next update is supposedly addressing QoL exporting improvements and features, at least that is what has been hinted. As for an ableton drum rack file, certainly that wouldn’t be out of the question but I don’t know if that’s in their sights. It could be though and they just hadn’t thought about it yet.

Thanks for input! We’re working on improving this since we agree that Auxy is not the place for making all possible polish to a track, so this is a use case we wanna have solid support for.


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I probably sound a bit dumb, but if you could export the samples as individual files, them couldnt you use them in DAWs that aren’t Auxy? The problem with this is that the samples that are part of premium are being paid for, but could be distributed to people without premium, so technically less profit for the devs @lenberg ? This may be a tad illegal. And there are a lot of people out there that would take advantage of that. But I could be completely wrong :man_shrugging:t3:. (I don’t know to much about how this all works, just my thoughts)

My legalfu isn’t very strong, but I believe distributing samples is against the TOS. However, anything you create and export from the app is a-ok and can be used anywhere else (ie, a drum loop you programmed in Auxy can be used in another DAW, shared with someone for collab etc). The wholesale dispersing of samples straight from the app is not kosher.


Sounds about right

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We absolutely positively need drum stems as an export option, this is holding back our ability to mix down and master like a m$*#^~#%r.

We have the option to stem our instruments we need the individual drum sample stems as well what is the holdup on this?


This would really be a killer feature. Woke up today and got a notification from Auxy saying it can now export to Studio One. A True Godsend! Love this! If it would also include the function to export all drums as separate patterns with added separate drumkit into Studio One it would really knock the enitere production line (from pocket to dancefloor) out of the park!

Keep doing what you do! Auxy is my main composing tool and I am never leaving it. Ever.


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Any update on this ?

I’d really really like to have a smoother Auxy -> Ableton Live experience.

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