Export project as an Ableton set.

It would be SO helpful to be able to Export an Auxy project as an “.als” (Ableton Live Set)

Midi data included would be great, BUT even just rendered audio clips in Session View would be an HUGE time saver.


Auxy would be a good fit for it given the clip based nature of the sequencer, for sure


This is coming soon!


heck yeah.

Def would help my remix projects be a lot cleaner

Sort of off topic but if you have the demo, can you export to other apps? I tried it once but nothing showed up as link-enabled apps, and I have garage band.

It should work I’m pretty sure. You’d ‘export individual instruments’ under the More section of export. It’s gonna dump a zip file with each track as a wav file. You’ll need something like AudioShare or Documents by Readdle perhaps to open it up, then you can import the stems into GB.



This alone might convince me to switch from FL to Ableton… if only Ableton didn’t make you repurchase it whenever a new version comes out :\

Great to know though that new export features are on the horizon. Very excited for that.

In all fairness, most DAWs use an upgrade licensing model. FL Studio is very unique with lifetime free updates, I don’t know any other software that does that.

Most ordinary software follows the same tried-and-true one-time-pay-you-got-it model. Anything that’s business or music related seems to get relegated to upgrade licenses… considering the target audience it would appear to make sense as to why this is. Doesn’t make it not suck though xD

Yeah? I don’t think Office, Adobe products and any other enterprise software I’ve ever used were free upgrades lol. The company I work for would LOVE if that was the case, but Image Line’s offering is pretty rare from what I know

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