Exploring Different/Future UI Designs

Just recently, I’ve been obsessing over the trend of the newer, controversial UI called “Soft UI” or “Neumorphism” and was wondering what Auxy could look like if Apple were to change the design language of iOS 14, if ever.

I was discussing about the potential idea of incorporating Soft UI into Auxy within The Auxy Collective Discord server

@TC64 created this which goes in line of the language of the UI.

It was then altered to match closely to the existing background color of Auxy


One major downside of using Soft UI is that the contrast would make the UI harder to use for people, this is then suggested by Toxic again by their version of the UI change.
The key difference would be that buttons would more resemble iOS 6, which the buttons seem to have softer edges.


Edit: This version focuses on increased contrast for accessibility. The selected loops are selected as white.

Other parts of existing UI elements/screens worth exploring in the future–subject to change:

  • Automation panels
  • “Slide in” panels seen in the scene editor
  • Sliders, as seen in the track settings

This looks amazing! I could see it being implemented if a future version of iOS switched to the softer theme.


Auxy Skins for the next update


Is that a template? Maybe move this to #feedback?

No, these are made from scratch from another program


Oh. Okay.

Very very smooth and clean look. I’d say we jump on this trend and be ahead of the pack when all is said and done.

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Cool and all but it’s not exactly pretty

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The first three screenshots I made for this post are a bit over-the-top, but the fourth one added in the edit is quite pretty IMO - and my favorite out of what I’ve made so far. It manages to strike the right balance between pretty and simple


Very interesting…