Expand Clipboard Functionality

It would be helpful if clipboard functioned more globally in the app.

For example, if I could highlight and copy a pattern of midi notes, and paste them into an existing clip

(e.g. highlighted midi note patterns)


Another example would be to be able to copy an entire instrument/drum or sample rack with their stems to a different song

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I want that


Interesting suggestions. Haven’t seen them before, but they make sense.


This is possible already, no? I copy drum kits with their sequences into other projects often. And sometimes I pull a lead melody from one track into another just for fun to see if it works.

I see that you can copy/paste an entire instrument across songs now. I guess I hadn’t tried in a while.

BUT, you still cannot go into a clip (sequence) and highlight a few bars of midi notes and paste them into another clip


It’s been a feature for a very long time now, over a year if I recall. But yes, what you’re proposing would be great!


Sorry for bad english.

Just putting converted XML or JSON or whatever buffer into OS clipboard and parsing it on paste-action is my favorite behavior. (in this way, we can edit in text editor and generate with your own DIYed automator)


I guess.

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Just figured it out, nevermind! Can’t do it with a pen on ipad. If you hold down on the selected notes, a new set of copied notes will fade in and be draggable.