Evolution of Auxy

As you all know that Auxy has stepped up 5th year on 9/12/2019 meaning it’s been 4 years of Auxy since it was launced on 9 Dec 2015. And Since then we saw many new features arrived and many UI designs changed.
So I also guess to celebrate 4th Anniversary of App, Developers @lenberg, @Fredrik relaunched the Classic iPad App as Auxy Jam
Many new users don’t know where Auxy was and is now.
So I’ll be posting screenshots that will include the changes made in every major version of Auxy.
You can also tell what you liked the most in particular version of App

All Auxy Versions Specific Details

v1.0 on 09/12/2015
  • Pink AppIcon
  • Initial Release
v1.0.1 on 19/12/2014
  • Fixed issues running iOS 8
  • Exporting MIDI now results in proper regions
  • Now you can re-upload recordings after changing the project name
v1.0.2 on 29/12/2015
  • Bug Fixes
v1.1.0 on 04/02/2016
  • Ableton Link support
v2.0 on 08/06/2016
  • Blue AppIcon
  • Added 12 instruments
  • Added 24 Loops (Notes Patterns)
  • Scene to arrange loops into complete music
  • Transitions (like Automation)
v2.0.1 on 18/07/2016
  • Bug Fixes
v2.1 on 28/07/2016
  • Upload directly to SoundCloud
  • Save your track as a video
  • Render individual instruments
v2.1.1 on 29/07/2016
  • Bug Fixes
v2.2 on 15/09/2016
  • Landscape Support on iPhone iPad
  • Added Triplets and 32nd Notes on piano roll grid
  • Select and edit multiple notes by long-pressing the piano roll grid
  • Quickly delete or duplicate loops by long-pressing
  • Jump straight into loop edit with 3D Touch
  • The arrangement can now be opened while tweaking sounds
v2.2.1 on 19/09/2016
  • Bug fixes and Optimization
  • Exported videos are now square to fit nicely on Instagram
v3.0 on 03/11/2016
  • Added soft notes in Piano roll grid
  • Loops can be transposed one octave up or down
  • Creating a new scene keeps active loops playing
  • Possible to get more delay when turning it to max
  • “Featured Tracks” lets you explore tracks made in Auxy
  • SoundPack AP001 - Signature Pianos
v3.1 on 07/12/2016
  • Backup projects and share by swiping left in the project list
  • Copy instrument and loops by long pressing the instrument name
  • Download demo projects via Feed
  • Added Ducker on every half bar
v3.1.1 on 10/12/2016
  • Bug Fixes
v3.1.2 on 14/12/2016
  • Bug Fixes
v3.1.3 on 21/12/2016
  • Bug Fixes
v3.2 on 11/02/2017
  • Added 8 Bars loops length
  • Added 16 Instruments
  • Added Sounds preview while browsing
  • Added Redesigned bar indicator lets you quickly navigate in loop edit
  • Set custom label and color for every instrument
  • Added Make new loops chromatic
v3.3 on 05/03/2017
  • Black AppIcon now onward
  • Added Solo the current instrument when editing loops
  • Added precision triplets on piano roll grid
  • Custom label every scene
  • Set a start offset for each scene
  • Easily move loops and scenes
  • Add custom artwork for SoundCloud and video export
  • Get nice file names when exporting MIDI and stems
v3.4 on 18/04/2017
  • Download All sounds in a project before you buy
  • Copy and paste notes
  • Drag sideways to move loops and scenes
  • Play Auxy in the background when using Ableton Link
  • New Feed navigation tab
v3.4.1 on 20/04/2017
  • Sweeper effect added in Original Pack
v3.5 on 18/05/2017
  • Exporting a project now creates a link that you can easily share with others
  • Project export has been moved to the track export menu
  • Improved performance when browsing projects
  • Sorting projects by creation date
  • Select and edit any note without changing the grid setting
  • New How To section with updated tutorials
v3.5.1 on 26/05/2017
  • Project export is back now in the track export menu
    which was removed previously
  • Long notes can now only be dragged by holding the start of the note
  • Fixed - An issue where project links would be broken
  • Fixed - An issue where the project list would not be sorted properly
v.4.0.1 on 28/07/2017
  • Loop based Automation
  • Backup and sync projects with iCloud
  • Edit melodies across 5 octaves
  • New note labels in scale and chromatic mode
  • Fixed buzzing sound in rendered tracks
v4.1.1 on 20/09/2017
  • Bug Fixes
v4.1.2 on 25/09/2017
  • Bug Fixes
v4.1.3 on 05/10/2017
  • Bug Fixes
v5.0 on 05/01/2018
  • Subscription based
  • Added 20 instruments
  • Redesigned drum instrument
  • Build custom drum kits with your favorite samples
  • *Import your own samples or browse thousands of samples *
  • Adjust pitch, reverb, pan and other settings for each sample
  • Add sounds and samples to your favorites for quick access
  • All sounds now have all tweak options
v5.0.1 on 15/02/2018
  • Restored purchases will stay unlocked even if you login with a different Apple ID
  • Retain offset when duplicating scenes
  • Indicate the current value in empty automation loops
  • Added haptic feedback on supported devices
  • New drum kits now have follow pitch automation set to off for all samples by default
  • Show Favorites pack when opening a favorited sample
  • Bug fixes

On 09 December 2015, Auxy for iphone was first released.

The Following Images shows the rest

This Version had
:- Pink AppIcon
:- 4 Instruments (1 Drum, 3 Bass or Lead)
:- 3 Tweak Dial Knobs ( Volume, Filter, Shape or Tone or Delay) for live jam.
:- This also had Loop the current Bar feature
:- Music can be recorded whole live playing it just like Auxy Jam iPad app now
:- Export - Midi

If you had this version of app what you liked most about it…


Oh yeah, this is the Auxy I remember

What I liked about this version was that it shared the same functionality of the previous Auxy for iPad. It was easy to use at the time and was basic to understand for new users.

The ability to loop a specific section was useful at the time, I don’t recall having to hear the whole loop before the section was played.


Me too