Everdream (Megacollab)

Im gonna add a impact on the outro


Thats quite cool actually

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Could you add that killer outro to the part I made (I did say I was gonna work on it next)

Anyways, let’s switch to another genre: Trap

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I got my part done : )

here it is

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Oh sweet, good job bro! When should we focus on ending the track?

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maybe the next person or the person after he/she: )
up to you
just make sure it ends up properly: )

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oh btw
I love the vocal so much: )

Thanks man! I was never a fan of the vocal chops until recently I’m glad i started working with them

Guys anyone has ideas of the new part?

I was waiting for someone else to do their bit but guess ill add something

Here i added a mighty bass build and a outro https://app.auxy.co/projects/Z_kBlWhmzL8FJ8tjAvDm-g==

Oooooo yes

Ok so I change some part and rebuild the outro (don’t worry your idea is still there but improved by me)
also I changed some part of mine since it is a little bit too long in the track
btw I will put link here to make sure that everything is well-done and everyone agrees to release it

Nice ill just improve my parts real quick


Alright just made a lil change on my first bit but think its all good now