Event Horizon - Sylent [FEEDBACK NEEDED PLEASE]


Hey guys i tried a little bit different style for this song. Something more dark. Before putting this on my upcoming album i would like to hear what you all think about it. If you guys can tell me what you think should be added,changed or removed please tell me on the comments. FEEDBACK IS REALLY NEEDED So please give me feedback for this song.Thanks.

I really like around the two minute mark where the synths come in. I think the. Bass levels could be brought down just ever so slightly and maybe get to max right after the second drop. Hope this helps


Not sure some of those tags are a good idea.

I get what you’re thinking, but it might look like you’re attempting to claim a direct connection.


Wait do you mean the bass should be max on the drop or after drop?

Dude everytime i ask for feedback you are ranting about the tags😂. Thanks. And yes its not really relevant at all but more people can see it. Youtube tags are like that too, instagram too, soundcloud too.

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Yeah, I know how spam works. :wink:

But, hey, you do you… dude.


Agreed. Some tags are quite spammy.
Also, this track isn’t Deep House.

@NickElle @akabillposters If that is really a problem and that irritates you guys. I can delete those tags. Other than that i just wanted some Feedback on The song guys…

For feedback on the track… It’s not a genre I listen to. There are others who are far better placed to give feedback than me.


Yes, it’s really a problem, but it’s not about irritating us. It’s about irritating potential listeners and fans – as well as the labels and producers you’re suggesting your tracks are connected to by using those tags. And irritating SoundCloud.

If you misrepresent your tracks, then you risk alienating listeners who are expecting to hear a Spinnin’ Records or Monstercat track, or something from Garrix.

The same goes for genre tags, to some extent. Just keep it honest and as accurate as possible. :+1:

Best to avoid doing things that could be interpreted as misrepresentation, especially when it comes to other labels and producers…

SoundCloud Terms of Use: Your use of the Platform

(xi) You must not deliberately impersonate any person or entity or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity, for example, by registering an account in the name of another person or company, or sending messages or making comments using the name of another person.

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I clicked on the link, but when I saw all those tags, I closed the tab.

Nothing personal against the OP.
Just my internal spam filter kicking in…

@akabillposters ok ill delete and wont do it next time


Yep. Serious.

It was nothing against you personally, but that was a massive red flag for me.


@blakkaz Ok like i Said i wont do it next time and i will delete those tags

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Btw you said that it was misleading genre. I really dont know what genre is this Music.

Sorry, didn’t mean to suggest that I think the genre tags are misrepresentative.
Just the record labels, garrix and tomorrowland tags.

I simply don’t know enough about that style to give meaningful feedback.

I just mentioned genre tags to include them in the assertion that it’s good to be as accurate (and honest) about all tags.

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