*Even more* plagiarism found on Spotify

So this guy went and not only took demos, but also ripped regular SoundCloud tracks and posted them as his own. There’s a lot from @MrSerpent as well as some from Kayasho, @stereofield, Conux and others. I’ll edit the post if I identify more.

I’m tired of people stealing songs. I’m tired of my most popular topics here being about this. I really hope these people see that we can find their “music” so easily and that they should just start making their own tracks.

If your song was stolen, please report it to Spotify or other places so they can take it down.


oof there’s a track by trey there as well

and one by fokkses

Wasn’t this same person rooted out already?? Jayyyy and flowerchild sound incredibly familiar.

But yes please report on platforms that’s all we can do.


So um… yeah. Same guy. He’s got a whole ridiculous system going. I’m gonna keep things clean because of this forum, but let me just say this makes me more than a little annoyed. This needs to stop.

I feel like this is a ‘oh, they will have forgotten by now so I can do it again’ situation. This isn’t ok.


The really crap part is that there’s not much you can do to prevent people from doing stuff like this.

This comes to mind https://youtu.be/363ra3VGiGA?t=125


Yep… alternate accounts. Though this guy hasn’t even done that yet.

I’m honestly thankful I’m not popular enough to be plagiarized :stuck_out_tongue:

Dumb joke aside, this is incredibly sh*tty to do. It’s just theft, plain and simple. Hell, I’m pretty sure you can get charged for it. (I think. I may be wrong about some aspects of that.)

tfw you are so untalented that you have to steal other people’s work and pass it off as your own


I mean this is the same guy, but it’s a new round of stolen tracks. Look when the album was released. He didn’t get the point the first time. He also broke/took down the social links on Spotify so no way to get through there.

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i tried clicking his instagram and his twitter links on his spotify but neither worked

there seems to be a strange pattern of plagiarists doing this on spotify :thinking:

The track “Introduction” is @Xiejra ‘s " Recapitulate"


If you recognize anyone’s work here please do tag them ( @ ) so they are aware and are able to report accordingly, otherwise they may not know… Some of these folks aren’t here on the regular and may miss this.

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Colors sounds like someone’s remix of Hydrans’ old track Wind. But since the playlist of remixes is gone, idk who’s track it specifically is.

Yep I linked this topic on soundcloud to Kayasho ^^

wait what???

Okay what can I do about this

Send an official complaint to Spotify and Apple**.

** found it here as well: https://music.apple.com/us/album/flowerchild-extended-edition/1471449199


WHAT!!? AGAIN!!? Omg this is so saddddd.